Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Sienna X | Q10 Bronzing Mousse Review

It's been a little while since I spoke tanning on my blog hasn't it? If your a regular reader of Glambeautys you'll know I am a fully qualified Spray Tan Technician although I don't offer a spray tanning service from home anymore, I still ofcourse love to stay tanned and I'm always trying out new tanning products that are on the market and todays is from a brand I actually researched when looking for professional spray tanning solutions and kits. Sienna X is a brand most known for it's spray tanning solution and services but they also have products you can use at home and newest to the family is the Sienna X Q10 Bronzing Mousse, as you know mousses are my favourite type of tan so let me tell you how I got on. 

The packaging first of all is very swish, I love the gold exterior with that dash of pink.. I'm a girly girl at heart so pink and gold makes me very happy. I also noticed that the bottle is slightly larger than my usual tanning products, it contains 250ml of tan which is a great amount and will go such a long way with it being a mousse formula. The mousse formula itself is lovely, it comes out like a thick whipped cream texture and it also has a colour guide when applied to the skin. When I first applied this product to my skin I thought 'wow look at the colour already!' it was super brown, streak free and reminded me of my old spray tan days when I'd have an uber dark spray tan and instantly looked like I had been on holiday for two weeks so this excited me immensely. I have to admit this mousse is a little stickier than others I have tried and it does take a little longer for the tackiness to go but once it's gone your left with a golden glow that doesn't smell too bad either quite sweet in fact, the mousse contains many natural ingredients such as; blackcurrent, babassu and pomegranate. 

So whats been happening when I was the tan off? Ah the dreaded shower time after tanning, I always worry I'm going to wash all my tan away the day after application but this tan was still nicely in tact and once washed off I was left with a gorgeous golden glow that looked natural yet deep. I am very happy with this tan and shall continue to use it, the Vitamin E ingredient keeps my skin well moisturised and pro longs the tan, it lasts about 4-5 days before I need to top up which is about average for me and the Q10 anti-ageing ingredient can't be bad either! 

Have you ever thought about becoming a spray tan technician or entering the beauty industry?  If you are looking to follow in my footsteps take a look at the courses offered by Capital Hair and Beauty they have a wide range of beauty courses from Spray Tanning to full makeup courses, that's something I'd love to do!


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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Autumn Layering

Layering is something I like to do a lot, mainly because I'm always wearing basics so I thought it would be nice to share a few layering tips with you all today and a few things I like to do when I'm putting my outfits together. As you know I love to wear a black Cami and black skinnies which can look a little boring but it's also a very versatile look because you can add accessories and pieces of clothing to make it more of a daytime look or change it up and add different pieces to give more of an evening feel to it. Todays look is more of an Autumnal day look although if you just take away the check shirt and slap on some red lippy and heels your ready for a night out with the girls or even a date with your man.

First piece is of course the black Cami which I adore from Universal Store, I love the slight V neckline which makes it perfect for adding a necklace. I chose this gorgeous Layered bar necklace, it's simple yet chic making it the perfect piece to wear with your outfit day or night and I just love the layered design perfect for this look and for creating extra dimension and movement. When layering an outfit remember you don't have to be clumpy or old fashioned, I used to steer away from layering because I felt it would make my shape appear larger and not flatter my figure at all but by adding these simple pieces I've learnt that layering doesn't have to make you feel that way. I love to add different textures and materials to my outfits to make me feel more sexy and feminine, I love this lace Bralette it's the perfect layering piece and looks gorgeous peeking though that slinky Cami. 

Finally by adding the Check shirt we are giving this look more of a day time feel perfect for Autumn, I think by wearing this with the Biker Jacket and the sleeves rolled up it lets those extra layers peek though and really finishes off the look. 

Are you a fan of layering? What are your favourite layering pieces and tips?!


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Friday, 17 October 2014

British Beauty Blogger | M&S Beauty Range

british beauty blogger
british beauty blogger
british beauty blogger

So I finally have some makeup on to show you all, I told you I had something exciting coming soon and I must say I was super excited to try these products by Jane Cunningham also known as British Beauty Blogger. I have been following Janes blog for over a year now and I love how informative Jane is, she obviously has a huge amount of knowledge and is always 100% honest no matter what the brand/product which I adore. Jane has teamed up with M&S to bring out her own range of British Beauty Blogger products, the launch includes an Eye & Cheek Palette, Lip Colour Trio, Eye Pencil Collection, Nail Polish Collection, Bronzing gift set and I believe a Makeup bag also. If your a fan of BBB and a reader of her blog you'll notice that the packaging for these products are very similar to her blog illustrations and that is because Jane teamed up with her blog illustrator Nuno Da Costa and together came up with this fabulous creation. 

british beauty blogger
british beauty blogger
british beauty blogger

OK first up we have the Eye & Cheek palette, this was the product I was most excited about because I'm all about the eyes and with the Christmas season upon us it's always nice to get glam. I really love the colour selection in this palette, all of the shades have a slight shimmer to them so I would have liked to have seen a nice matte brown shade in there as a transitional shade but other than that it's great. As you can see in the pictures the shadows themselves are very pigmented they do have a bit of fall out but as I've said before with some shadows I'd much prefer that than the product being to hard and dry so a thumbs up from me. In the pictures above of me wearing the shadows I have used every shade in the palette and they all blend together beautifully, I really love how you can create a gorgeous autumnal look with this palette or just opt for the grey tones for an evening smokey eye. The price of this palette is just £14 which is an absolute bargain and a great palette for all occasions so I'd definitely recommend giving it a try if your looking for something easy to use and I really think that the shades chosen would suit most or all skin tones. 

british beauty blogger

On to the Eye Pencil set, this was something I wasn't the most excited by but still intrigued to try. I usually just stick to the one kohl pencil and liquid liner but I have to admit lately I have been experimenting more with coloured liners either to use alone or with other shadows so after giving these a try I have been converted to a pop of colour here and there. These liners are Kohl liners so nice and soft on the eye and they are super pigmented, In the look I created I actually used two liners on the lid, I went for the coppery brown shade and the black glitter pencil which worked really well together I then popped the black liner onto the water line and it glided on with ease. Each liner blends beautifully also so if your one that likes to smudge out your liner then these work really great for that especially the metallic shades. I love the lilac shade it's a really lovely colour to brighten up the eyes softly and it's not a shade I have seen around much. Price point for this set is again £14 which is pretty amazing considering most liners on the high street cost around £4-6 and in this set your getting 8 liners! Beauty bargain! 

Overall I have really enjoyed trying out BBB M&S Beauty range, the price is on point and the quality of the product is really good so go check them out as they should be in your local M&S now or you can also order online here. 

Have you tried anything from the BBB range yet? 

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Skn Clinics

When I was younger I always used to have quite bad skin, I never had sever acne but it was something that really bothered me as a teenager. I remember going to the doctors to try and see if they could help and they did prescribe me a solution which was meant to help, I found it a little too harsh on my skin so never continued with the product. Luckily as I have aged my skin has become a lot clearer, when I was pregnant with Vinny I really did get that pregnancy 'glow' that everyone talks about but I have to say since having Vinny my skins 'glow' has gone and I'm back to my monthly break out. For me this isn't too big of an issue but I know for some it really is and others suffer quite badly with acne and skin problems. Today I just wanted to share with you some information on a clinic that helps to get peoples skin into a smooth, healthy condition no matter what the starting point is. 

Skn Clinics offers a huge amount of treatments from Acne Scar treatments to Laser Tattoo removal, along with the different treatments offered at Skn Clinics you can also purchase products to help improve your skin wether it's just ageing or if you need something to protect and repair. The clinic is currently running a Clear Skin Challenge which I have found really interesting to read and see, they have picked 10 people to undergo acne treatment which has been personalised for each individual. Every treatment is different for each person but I have been reading though some of their stories and their mid treatment results look amazing. I can't imagine how they must be feeling right now as they have suffered way too long, it must feel so nice to feel confident to not have to hide your skin anymore. 

If your a sufferer of Acne then I'd recommend checking out Skn Clinics, I haven't undergone ay treatments at any of their locations but I have seen results and they look amazing!

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Mens Autumn Outfit Inspiration

So I thought I'd post something a little different today, instead of my usual wish list posts for myself I thought feature something for the men out there and some of my top picks for a casual Autumnal outfit. My husband Mark isn't really one to shop for new clothes and since having Vinny I guess I haven't bothered as much to buy him as many clothes as what I used to so I'm feeling inspired to get him something nice this Christmas and get him some new pieces for his wardrobe. 

First of all I arranged this whole outfit around this green knitted jumper from Wool Overs , I really love this jumper it's not usually a colour Mark would wear but I think it really suits his complexion and dark hair. I love the Christmassy vibe the patterns give and it's made of pure lambs wool so it's super soft to wear, the price point isn't too bad either just £39 which is great for such a nice jumper. I thought I'd pair it up with some dark denim jeans, I love the washed effect these jeans have as they are a little more casual if there's anything Mark loves more it's being casual and comfortable. 

I kept accessories quite simple for this outfit, a nice brown belt to match the gorgeous brown Zara boots. Can we just take a moment and admire those boots, I never thought to look in Zara for men until now and wow I was super impressed. I really love these boots because they look smart yet still casual so they are super versatile to wear. Lastly I thought a grey tube scarf would finish the look off perfectly, I really love how this look came together. 

Do you buy lots for your partner these days or is it all about you? I know I need to do some shopping for myself too because when you have a baby you often forget about yourself and end up wearing the same over and over again!


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Autumn Walk | The Details

Hello my lovelies, I can't quite believe this is my first post for October but better late than never right? I haven't really been up to much lately hence the lack of beauty posts, I've not been wearing much makeup at all so I've not really felt that inspired to write any beauty posts but don't worry they will be back soon as I have lots to share with you. I thought I'd just share a few details from my outfit today, with Autumn well and truly here I have been digging out my snugglys and grabbing for my boots way more often. 

I was recently sent these Hunter Wellies* from Shoetique (similar here) and I have to say I was rather excited about this delivery because I've been wanting a pair of Hunter wellies for ages, I did almost buy a pair last year but it was almost Spring so I thought I had better wait. The boots themselves are lovely, I opted for the original black pair just because I thought it would go with more of my outfits and I like the classic look, I ordered a size 7 but I will admit they are a little big for me I'm usually a 6.5/7 so I did expect that but think I should have gone a size down as there is still room so just for reference if your looking to buy some hunter wellies maybe go half a size or a size down if you can or just make sure you have a nice thick pair of socks at the ready. 

As you can see I'm wearing my favourite jeans which you never seem to see me out of and I'm just wearing a black and white floral floaty top which I bought in Asda the other day, this is the perfect top for the AW season because we all like to enjoy a little more food this time of year and a nice floaty top hides that well! I finished off the look with a faux fur snood/scarf from Primark last year, I love adding some faux fur to my outfits in the Autumn because it's super snug and warm! 

Have you bought a pair of Hunter wells ready for the rainy season ahead? What size did you go for? 

If you'd like to see what Vinny is wearing in more detail then head over to my Family & Lifestyle blog, there will be more pictures of the cheeky chap and links to all items. If you don't follow my second blog I'd really love for you to follow via Bloglovin, this way you can always see when I have posted about my gorgeous boy and family life. 

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