Tuesday, 31 March 2015

What I'm Wearing | Anastasia Beverly Hills Lipglosses

I have a rather exciting 'What I'm Wearing' post for you all today because as you can see it features three of the new Anastasia Beverly Hills glosses! My makeup look was actually inspired by the shade Sunset Strip which was the shade I wanted to use for this particular post but as you can imagine when you get new glosses you just want to try them all, these are my three favourites so far although I have quite a few to get through and try so I'm sure the rest of the collection will be featuring on here very soon. There are 36 new lipgloss shades in the Anastasia Line and my gosh this glosses don't disappoint, the collection ranges from reds, purples, corals, nudes and even retro shades and let me tell you they are all pretty fabulous. 

I won't be writing a full review until I have tried them all properly but upon first impressions they are pretty fab and they smell like bubble gum! The formula isn't sticky at all and they are very pigmented, all I would say is that I wish there were a few more shimmery and sheer shades as appose to full colour but other than that they are amazing. 

What I'm Wearing 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade: Blonde
Anastasia Beverly Hills Single Shadows: Metal and Pink Champagne
Girls With Attitude Lashes

Glosses: Sunset Strip, Vintage, and Neon Apple

What do you think of this look, do you enjoy seeing 'What I'm Wearing' posts on Glambeautys, should I do more? 

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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Vinny Loves #1

I havent written about any of Vinnys favourites in a while so I thought I'd kick off todays post with just that, Vin got quite a lot for his birthday and I'm happy to say all of which he has been playing with quite a lot recently. I really love doing these favourites posts, I'm thinking of doing some Home Loves too as you know we've had a lot going on at home lately and I have been obsessed with everything home/decor. We have pretty much finished everything in our kitchen but now I have my eye on some VELUX Energy Blinds, they are only blinds that offer a view out, blackout, privacy, light and insulation and then once that's done my next mission is the garden, it's quite a big project and I've got loads of things in mind; a patio area, grass for Vinny to play, a BBQ area and the list goes on! Anyway enough of me blabbing, lets get to Vinnys Loves! 

His obsession with Thomas has grown quite a lot lately, he has so many Thomas toys and always insists on playing with 'choo choo' when he sees them in his toy box. Vinny was super happy to receive these Thomas toys for his birthday, the Thomas & Friends My First Remote Control Thomas and the Thomas & Friends My First Pop & Go Thomas I thought it was also a nice touch he got these gifts because it's also Thomas & Friends 70th Birthday this year,  I can't believe they've been going for that long but I can totally see why! Vinny is obsessed, his favourite toy is definitely the Pop & Go Thomas it's super fun and the price is really reasonable too at just £19.99. 

This is more of a mummy love but I have been so happy and impressed with Vinnys new Bear Hug Desk from Worlds Apart. This desk is absolutely adorable and it was also really easy to assemble, yes mummy did assemble it all herself so if your usually useless like me then you have nothing to worry about. I did buy Vinny a table and chairs set from Ikea a little while back and although I really like it Vinny is still a little too small for it and I find he doesn't really sit at it for long as his feet can't quite touch the ground yet so when this desk arrived I was happy to see it was a little smaller and the perfect size for toddlers. Vinny sits at this desk with comfort and he absolutely loves it, I really love that he can eat his lunch at this little table and he can draw, read ect. The little crayon pots are adorable also, Vinny likes to put his snacks in there but I don't mind!

I shall update you on a few more favourites soon, he has so many! What has your little one been loving lately? 

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Liza Loves #3

Hi my loves sorry it's been a couple of weeks since my Liza Loves post, I haven't had too many things I have been absolutely in love with until now so let me tell you about a few of the things that have been floating my boat the last couple of weeks. I'm actually quite surprised I don't have any makeup items in this post, I do have a few makeup loves but I'm saving them for individual posts so I can tell you in depth why I love them.

OK so the last few weeks I have really been trying to up my skincare regime, I can't really say I have a skin care schedule I really stick to although I have been reaching for these products most days therefore I think they deserve a little mention because I have really been enjoying them. First up makeup removal, now I have to admit I'm a bit of a face wipe addict and use them most days but for those days I really want to take care and refresh my skin I have been using the Elemis Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser, I actually received this a few months back now and hadn't really reached for it until now and my gosh I love it. This is a deep cleansing cream that helps to dissolve makeup and grime gently and to richly moisturise dehydrated skin. I have to say it really makes my skin feel wonderful after use, it feels super clean and the scent is really lovely too.

I have found my eyes pretty sensitive lately when it comes to makeup removal and that's probably because I use wipes and they don't really work that well getting eye makeup off so I grabbed my Benefit They're Real Remover the other day and I've been hooked, I just pop some onto a cotton pad and gently rub it onto my eyes and the eye makeup has dissolved pretty much straight away. It's really made my makeup removal chore my easier and quicker although I will say once I rinse with water I do find I get cloudy eyes for a moment or two which is a little annoying but forgetting that the remover is fantastic. Once all makeup is removed and my face is clean I always pop a moisturiser on and let me tell you I have found the moisturiser of dreams, perfect for those with super dry or dehydrated skin it's the Clarins HydraQuench moisturiser. This cream is an absolute joy to use and I look forward to putting it on my skin, firstly it smells amazing and my husband always compliments me when I use this in the mornings and night. It's super lightweight on the skin making makeup application nice and easy, it absorbs super fast and keeps my skin subtle for hours I'm so sad that this is only a 30ml bottle and I'm now dying to try the rest of the HydraQuench range now so when I finish this I may have to take the plunge! 

The last skincare item I have been loving this week is the Elemis British Botanical Shower Cream, I have really been enjoying a relaxing bath lately and I love having that little bit of me time to enjoy and indulge in my favourite beauty products. The British Botanical Shower cream is a skin softening cream that makes me feel like I'm in a bath in the middle of the countryside, sounds odd but the fragrance is so soothing, the lavender and chamomile scent is just so relaxing. I have also found my skin feeling extra soft after use because of the Omega-rich Echium oil and so cleansed which is down to the mineral rich organic oats and rosemary that gently cleanses the skin, I'd highly recommend if your after a true pamper and pure relaxation. 

On to hair I have been trying to embrace my natural waves this week, I have found that since my hair has become healthier it does tend to get greasier quicker therefore I have to wash it more often and I'm quite lazy when it comes to styling so I have been trying out these John Frieda products to help with my natural wave and wow what a difference it's made. The John Frieda Air-Dry Waves is a lightweight mouse that you pop onto damp hair and simply leave to air dry, it's no sticky and the word mousse isn't really how I'd describe it as it's much lighter than a mousse and quite a fluffy texture like a foam if that makes any sense. I have used this a few times now and each time once my hair has naturally air dried I haven't had to go in with any other products which is really fab because usually I would add some oils or something to tame the frizz and I haven't had to do that at all. I think the combination if the Air-Dry Waves and the Anti Frizz Primer has aided this, the John Frieda Anti-Frizz primer is a cream that you pop on before anything to damp hair and it really does help to tame the frizz and add some extra shine. I've used this when I've had my hair curly and when I've blowdried it, both times it's worked really well and my hair genuinely feels a lot smoother! 

Well that's was quite the ramble but I hope you've found some new products you'd like to try, I'd love to know what you've been loving this week so please leave a comment and let me know because it's always great to find new products to try! 

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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Easter with Hotel Chocolat

Ah I love Easter it's the one time we can eat chocolate guilt free, well kind of guilt free. There are so many yummy Easter Eggs out there right now and let me tell you Hotel Chocolat have an amazing selection, I was kindly sent this Scrambled Egg inspired egg and oh my doesn't it look delicious! The Egg set comes in a few different options, we have the Milk Chocolate egg but you can also buy; Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate and Milk-Free perfect for those who can't have dairy. 

This lovely set comes with a beautifully decorated hollow egg, Yes I wish it wasn't hollow too a mixture of chocolates have been drizzled over the egg to give the scrambled design and this also features on the scrambled pralines too that are included. 

If your not a fan of Easter Eggs but still want to buy a chocolatey gift then you must check out the Easter Egg Sandwiches, yes a pure chocolate sandwich! Super fun and unique or you could go for the classic easter bunny thats oh so cute and before I forget you can mix and match 3 or more of the Sandwiches for £9 each. 

This is such a luxury and yummy gift that I'd highly recommend if your buying eggs this Easter and your looking for something thats purely delicious! 

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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Personal Style// Daytime Chic

Oh la la, yes I am wearing a dress and I'm feeling super pretty and feminine today! With the sun shining so much lately it's got me thinking about Summer and how I'd like to add some new pretty dressed to my wardrobe. I've been looking for dresses that are great for daytime and that you could also dress up and I think this dress from Kaleidoscope is just that, I really love the look of this dress and it's super comfy too. The knot style gathering at the front of this dress is really flattering on those who are a little conscious of their middle area, I like to call it the mum tum because we all know it's there, I try my best to hide mine and I think my clothing choices do hide it pretty well most of the time and this dress really makes me feel confident and happy with my figure. 

As you can see I've dressed this look up by adding heels but you could easily swap the heels for some cute sandals and carry on with your day, I thought this would be a really pretty look for a wedding or even a meal out with the girls. The jacket is quite old, I got it last year from New Look and I really love the waterfall style of this it's very chic and super easy to wear. 

Last but not least I grabbed this gorgeous Folli Follie bag in the sales a few weeks back and I love it. The style of this bag is big enough to pop in Vinnys essentials along with my purse and makeup bag too. It's a really fab dusky grey almost mink colour and I thought it really goes well with the print of this dress as it actually has the same colour in the print making everything tie together perfectly. 

What do you think of this daytime chic look? If your a mummy, do you struggle buying dresses to suit your new body too? 

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