Tuesday, 1 December 2015

5 Makeup Tips to Look Better in Photos

This is the time of year where we are often snapped caught off guard and then horrified to see that tag notification on Facebook, luckily I have to accept the photo before it's tagged to my name these day's thanks to a handy privacy tool on Facebook (inserts smug emoji), but for those of you that don't have that set up and to avoid the horror I've come up with 5 tips to make sure you are photo ready no matter what the occasion. You will be party ready and more importantly photo ready with these top tips! 

To ensure your skin is looking it's absolute best make sure you prepare like you've never prepared it before, moisturise to hydrate the skin and prime to create a smooth base for your face products. There's nothing worse than creasing products and dry patches!

Avoid products with SPF 
If you are off to an evening event then I'd suggest avoiding foundations that have an SPF in them, these are what create that white ghost face when the camera flashes and we all know that's not a good look. God knows I've had a fair few photos taken with the ghost face and it's a mistake I never want to make again as it really can ruin a picture. 

Contour & Highlight
Chisel out those cheek bones and create a bone structure like you've never done before, contouring can be a great way to push back or sink in any features you don't want to be as prominent by creating more of a shadow in those areas and highlighting can really accentuate the areas you want to pop and stand out. 

Go All Out
Have you ever heard of the saying TV adds about 10lbs to the person on it? Well the camera can sometimes take layers of makeup off and lies about all the hard work you've done so add a little more than you usually would to avoid the minimal makeup look, unless that's what you are after. Don't be afraid to be bold, be bold or go home.

Always make sure you have a translucent powder and fluffy brush tucked away in your purse so you can ensure your face is going to be shine free all night, dust a little onto the T-Zone area to avoid shine in photos. Tip; If you don't want to use a powder then pop some oil-blotting sheets into your bag as they will do the trick also. 

What are your top tips for looking fab on and off camera? 

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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Whisbear // The Humming Bear

Ever since finding out I was pregnant I have been searching high and low for all things baby from clothes and accessories to nursery items and toys.. It's been fun shopping and I can't wait to do even more once I've completed my Christmas shopping. I'm always super intrigued by toys that have been created to help with babies sleep and to help soothe them when they are upset so when I came across Whisbear I couldn't wait to get him for baby boy. I was actually very lucky with little Vinny and he was an amazing sleeper although I do realise I may not be so lucky next time so I am getting myself prepared and now am the proud owner of a Whisbear!

Whisbear has a shushing device which emits white noise which is a sound baby remembers and associates with being in the womb so a very comforting sound to them and hopefully quite relaxing. There is a volume control on the bear and it also operates for around 40 minutes which gives it enough time to drift off to sleep nicely, the CRYsensor can recognise the cry of a baby so when it senses this it immediately responds with a calming sound. I think this sounds like it's going to be a life saver whether I'm using it to calm down baby if he is a little upset or just can't sleep, I'm so excited to use this with baby Prideaux number two and can't wait to update you all to let you know how it goes.

With regards to the overall appearance of the bear I think he is absolutely adorable, he has a super soft head and four long legs all with fabulous colourful patterns and designs on them which is really great for baby sensory and the inside magnets mean that you can hang Whisbear on your pushchair, on babies cot or wherever you desire it's a great original design that really stands out in the crowd.

If you'd like to buy your little one a Whisbear you can buy one here and if you are looking to buy one as a gift there is a Limited Edition Christmas Whisbear, the limited Christmas edition features: Whisbear with red Minky® paw, CRYsensor device and luxury red velvet bag with golden ribbon, Buy here.

Did you ever use any shushing devices with your baby? Did they work, I'd love to know!

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Instagram Round Up // Trip to London

I really love reading Instagram Round Up posts so thought I'd put my own together today sharing with you my most recent 6 Instagram posts. I have actually been really loving Instagram lately and if you are a follower of mine you may have noticed I have slightly changed the style in the way I upload my photos, they used to always have a white border around them and I've stopped that. I will say it was rather difficult making that transition, as an Instagram fan and a bit of a perfectionist it was rather odd to see my page change from lots of white borders around my images back to the original layout but I really love it! Anyway enough about the way my pictures are looking, let's talk about what each image means!

On Wednesday mum and I took a trip to London, I have to admit I wasn't actually looking forward to the trip after all of the recent events happening and after a 4.30am alarm and a two hour train trip we were in London and ready for a mother daughter day together. Our trip was actually because mum was booked in for her Brow top up at Tracie Giles, you may remember this post where I wrote about her 3D brow treatment she had done a few weeks ago now? Well it was time for the top up and I have to say they look absolutely fabulous, I shall pop an update up as soon as her brows are completely healed so you can see the full effect of the magic they create at Tracie Giles. 

After a pretty long day whilst waiting for our train mum and I stopped off for a Starbucks a chin wag, during our chat mum said to me how she would have loved to have stayed in London for the night and gone back to a lovely swish hotel for a relaxing bubble bath and a pamper before heading off out to the theatre in the evening. I really wish we did get to stay because travelling up to London and back in the same day does take it's toll on you especially with all the walking around and rushing about you have to do when you are there, I think next time we are going to stay and look for some cheap hotels in London to stay in. I would like to visit more often as I do get invited to a lot of blogger events, press launches and lunches so it would be really nice to try and make it to London at least once a month or every other month for these kinds of meetings.

The last few images are just of me posing and you may also spot my Sony A5100 up there also which I have actually just sold, I am lusting for the Olympus Pen and I have a slight camera addiction so we shall see. I've been extra good this year so I'm hoping Santa has seen that!

If you'd like to follow me on Instagram you can do that by clicking here 

What have you been upto lately? If you have Instagram make sure you leave your Insta name below so I can check out your account!

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Friday, 27 November 2015

Christmas Gift Guide 2015 Marble, memories and Kate Spade

It's time for another Christmas gift guide and I'm super excited about this one, mainly because it contains lots of blogger favourites; marble, photography and Kate Spade! Last year I came up with a Bloggers Gift Guide and I think this could be pretty blogger relevant aswel as be perfect for many family members and friends so let's get started and I'll show you what I've been picking out for my family and friends! 

OK so let's start with the obvious blogger picks, marble, marble, marble! I don't know what it is with us bloggers but we seemed to have gone marble crazy this year and to be honest I can see why. I just love the contrast of black and white and it's the perfect photography background making all colourful objects POP! I picked out these fabulous items from Zazzle and I think they are amazing. Every blogger needs a marble notebook right? And how gorgeous is the marble iPad case? Both are such great quality and you can even customise them too!

Can you spot some colour in the picture amongst all that marble? Well those brightly coloured crackers are by St Tropez and start at just £5! What a fabulous present to find on your Christmas tree or even have on the tables if you are having Christmas dinner with the girls!  The pink cracker includes a glide on instant tan, perfect for last minute parties and the blue contains a St Tropez self tanning mousse and mitt so you can be party ready in no time! 

Next up we have some fabulous Kate Spade goodies, now I know you will all be drooling over these as I am. There's something about Kate Spade that just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside but I do find the brand and products quite hard to come across in the UK, I know there are many websites but they are usually all sold out of everything I want until now that is. I recently came across a website called Amara and they have hundreds of Kate Spade items which is absolute heaven along with many other amazing brands, I could literally scroll for hours! I chose this gorgeous Pearls Spiral Notebook which is of course essential for any blogger, we all love to take notes right? I also got this Gold Dots Tumblr which is oh so Instagram and Pinterest worthy! 

Finally we are talking about some fab gifts for sharing memories, I think these would be amazing for loved ones and friends. Cheerz is a new photo printing app and website that lets you print your memories in a fun, creative way. The idea is simple: you can create unique photo products like retro-style prints, magnets or photo books in just minutes, using photos from your phone, Instagram and Facebook. I chose a couple of different products, the first one being the Polabook which is a DIY Photo Book. I selected 20 of my favourite photos and got them ordered for this fabulous book, I have to say the quality of the book and photos is amazing! The second Item I ordered was BoĆ®te A Photos which is a fab DIY little set including 40 of your favourite photos, funky tape, string, mini pegs and photo corners so you can really get creative and make a real feature of your photos. Ideal for those who love getting creative and want to show off their pictures in a fun and fantastic way! 

What is your favourite gift from this fabulous gift guide? I hope you are enjoying my gift guide series, there are still many more to come so make sure you check back for even more ideas! 

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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Black Friday Kids Picks // The Works

I'm all about great offers and bargains so today I'm going to share with you a few great items from The Works, I have been looking for a bunch of gifts I can get Vinny for his stocking fillers this year and The Works have some great deals and savings this Black Friday so I'm going to take full advantage and get ordering don't you just love it when Black Friday deals start earlier than Friday they seem to last most of the week don't they which isn't the best for my bank balance I have to admit but it is great for snapping up some great buys for Christmas. 

I really want to get Vinny some new books for his book shelf this year and I love the fact that you can get 3 books for £10, I've picked a few but want to order even more! I think it's a great deal and perfect for those that need to replenish old books or if you have lots of little ones to buy for. I remember last year Kerry from Oh So Amelia writing a post about her Christmas Book Advent calendar and she basically wrapped up 24 christmas themed books for the countdown to Christmas rather than having a traditional chocolate advent calendar. I think that is such a great idea and so much fun for the kids too! 

I also really love the idea of these floor puzzles, they look really fun and although they are a little too big to be a stocking filler they are still a bargain at just £7 each or 2 for £10! Such great savings considering they are usually £19.99! My final fun picks were these minion items, Vinny is obsessed with Despicable Me so anything Minion related he is there, he absolutely loves minions so I thought the bowling set would be quite fun as it's quite a safe indoor play set and the Christmas Crackers would be great to keep him involved on Christmas day when we all open our crackers at the table, the gifts inside will be much more appropriate for him and he will love them!

Have you checked out The Works Black Friday sale yet? I'd get over there quick and grab some bargains!

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