Thursday, 26 March 2015

Easter with Hotel Chocolat

Ah I love Easter it's the one time we can eat chocolate guilt free, well kind of guilt free. There are so many yummy Easter Eggs out there right now and let me tell you Hotel Chocolat have an amazing selection, I was kindly sent this Scrambled Egg inspired egg and oh my doesn't it look delicious! The Egg set comes in a few different options, we have the Milk Chocolate egg but you can also buy; Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate and Milk-Free perfect for those who can't have dairy. 

This lovely set comes with a beautifully decorated hollow egg, Yes I wish it wasn't hollow too a mixture of chocolates have been drizzled over the egg to give the scrambled design and this also features on the scrambled pralines too that are included. 

If your not a fan of Easter Eggs but still want to buy a chocolatey gift then you must check out the Easter Egg Sandwiches, yes a pure chocolate sandwich! Super fun and unique or you could go for the classic easter bunny thats oh so cute and before I forget you can mix and match 3 or more of the Sandwiches for £9 each. 

This is such a luxury and yummy gift that I'd highly recommend if your buying eggs this Easter and your looking for something thats purely delicious! 

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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Personal Style// Daytime Chic

Oh la la, yes I am wearing a dress and I'm feeling super pretty and feminine today! With the sun shining so much lately it's got me thinking about Summer and how I'd like to add some new pretty dressed to my wardrobe. I've been looking for dresses that are great for daytime and that you could also dress up and I think this dress from Kaleidoscope is just that, I really love the look of this dress and it's super comfy too. The knot style gathering at the front of this dress is really flattering on those who are a little conscious of their middle area, I like to call it the mum tum because we all know it's there, I try my best to hide mine and I think my clothing choices do hide it pretty well most of the time and this dress really makes me feel confident and happy with my figure. 

As you can see I've dressed this look up by adding heels but you could easily swap the heels for some cute sandals and carry on with your day, I thought this would be a really pretty look for a wedding or even a meal out with the girls. The jacket is quite old, I got it last year from New Look and I really love the waterfall style of this it's very chic and super easy to wear. 

Last but not least I grabbed this gorgeous Folli Follie bag in the sales a few weeks back and I love it. The style of this bag is big enough to pop in Vinnys essentials along with my purse and makeup bag too. It's a really fab dusky grey almost mink colour and I thought it really goes well with the print of this dress as it actually has the same colour in the print making everything tie together perfectly. 

What do you think of this daytime chic look? If your a mummy, do you struggle buying dresses to suit your new body too? 

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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Urban Decay // Sheer Revolution Lipsticks

Theres something about Spring that really gets me excited to change my makeup up, It's that time of the year where we start to switch from matte lipsticks to something a little more sheer and hydrating. Urban Decay have recently brought out a gorgeous line of lipsticks called the Sheer Revolution Lipsticks and I'm going to talk you through a couple of them today along with my thoughts. I'm a huge fan of Urban Decay lipsticks I always find them to feel really nice on the lips and the colours are always so gorgeous, the Sheer Revolution line doesn't disappoint with 10 beautiful shades to choose from theres something for everyone from Reds and Berries to Pinks and Nudes! 

First of all lets talk texture, you would assume that being called Sheer Revolution that these would be pretty sheer but they do infact have very good pigmentation and colours really pop. The Maxi-Lip formula is very soft and hydrating making application an absolute dream, my lips are always pretty dry and no matter what I do the perfect application is usually a struggle but with these I've found they actually help with the dryness and hydrates them really well. 

The price point is actually really great, £15.50 for a lipstick of this quality is amazing, you can really see how much thought and hard work has gone into this lipstick line. Urban Decay have thought of everything from the creamy formula to the slimline packaging to make sure you get the most out of your lipstick. 

I have two shades from the Sheer Revolution collection and both are vibrant yet wearable and that's what I love so much about these lipsticks, even though the colour is super pigmented the fact that it's sheer really makes it easy and comfortable to wear during the day. Sheer F-Bomb is a beautiful cherry red, this was the colour I was most excited about because I love reds. I don't wear a red lip that often usually because I'm always worried about the colour waring off and looking patchy but with these they wear off nicely and leave my lips super soft too. Sheer Shame is an even more wearable day shade and it's a very pretty dusky pink shade with berry tones, I really love this colour it's super pretty and again wears off beautifully after a few hours wear. 

These lipsticks have really won me over and although the lasting power isn't the longest I've tried they are really easy to pop in your bag and apply even without a mirror, the packaging is simply stunning and I'd definitely recommend if your looking for something hydrating and a dream to wear. I've been using these as an every day lipstick since I got them and I'm truly smitten! 

Have you tried any of the Sheer Revolution Lipsticks? 

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iCandy Raspberry // Review

There are many mums and dads out there that don't really feel the need for a stroller with a toddler but I still use one and think they are handy, these babies can't walk for miles even though they think they can sometimes. The most recent stroller added to my collection is the iCandy Raspberry, I have to admit I've always loved the look of iCandy prams and I very nearly bought one when I was buying Vinnys 1st ever pram and I'm quite sad I didn't end up buying it. That being said I have now joined the iCandy family and I'm very happy with the Raspberry it's a stroller that has been created for the urban mum on the go, it's lightweight, compact and looks gorgeous too. 

When the stroller arrived I quickly put it together and that was very simple although I did have trouble getting the stroller up and down for the first few attempts and I still struggle sometimes now, theres definitely a knack to this and I'm still working on it but I will say once you know how to it is pretty simple. I was instantly wowed by the appearance of the stroller, it reminds me of the Bugaboo Bee which is another stroller I loved the look of so I was really happy with this because the iCandy is actually cheaper and I love how you can buy different flavour packs to change the colour of the hood and accessories. There are 7 different flavour packs to choose from currently and we have the Atlantic which is a gorgeous blue/teal colour it's really striking! 

You can use this pushchair from birth which is a bonus, there are three different positions you can put the seat in including a lie-flat position and the pushchair can be used without the need to buy a carrycot so for those with limited space it's a great alternative and all you need to do is buy a newborn pod which is super snug and cosy. 

A few other accessories available for the Raspberry are; seat liner, foot muff, cup holder, parasol/cup holder clamp, and car seat adaptors most of these come in all of the flavour pack colours and really add to the comfort and style of the Raspberry I really love the foot muff although Vinny is too big for it now it would be perfect for a younger baby and would keep them very warm with the fleece lined interior and front lined pocket for little hands to stay warm too. 

The Raspberry can be parent or world facing, we now let Vinny see the world because he is a nosy parker but he loves it and he also seems very comfy in the padded seat. As you can see Vinny is pretty big now so I was a little concerned this may be quite small for him but the openness of the pushchair is really nice for him. I really like the hood on this pushchair because it comes down really far so when the sun is shining you can easily protect your little ones eyes, Vinny usually hates hoods but he hasn't tried to lift this one once which is amazing. 

Lastly lets talk storage, I know it's very important for us mums to have enough of that and the Raspberry doesn't disappoint with a large storage basket that's easy to access and holds up to 5kgs! I also really love the mini storage capsule that holds another 1kg, we use this to store the rain cover which is really ideal because I usually always forget the rain cover in the car and now I can always keep it with the pushchair and have it stored away for those horrible rainy days. 

Overall we really love the iCandy Raspberry, it's a really nice sturdy pushchair and perfect for those looking for something small, stylish and can be adapted to your needs easily. The one negative I have is the ease of putting the stroller up and down, it did take us a few YouTube videos to work out but as mentioned once you work that out the worlds your oyster. 

Have you tried any of the iCandy prams before, what do you think of the Raspberry? 

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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Top 5 Photography Apps // iPhone

When it comes to gadgets my iPhone is probably my top pick over everything I use it all the time and check it way too many times a day. I'm a bit of a geek when it comes to gadgets I'm always intrigued by new things, my latest find is the iKettle and yes you guessed it you can control your kettle via your mobile what a great idea I have to say I need to get one of these because my husband is not a fan of making me teas so anything to make the process quicker for him hehe! There are so many gadgets you can buy these days that all connect to your phone, here's a list of the best home gadgets of 2015 by LV=. 

Today I thought I'd share with you my top 5 photography apps. For some bloggers phones are the only way to get photos for posts so I'd love to help those looking for some new apps to edit on and to inspire those looking for something new to use also. I always really love 'What's on my iPhone' posts so here's a little insight to whats on mine and my most used apps. 

I use FrameMagic for every Instagram upload, if you have a look at my Insta profile you will see that all of my images have a white border around them. This is the app I use for that and I also use it to create video collages and slideshows too. 

Retrica is an app I came across watching a 'What's on my iPhone' video and I have to say I love it, it's the ultimate filter app ranging from a gazillion different black and white filters to 70's inspired etc! There really is a filter for everyone, perfect for those who love Instagram! 

I always get questions asking me how I've added lens type lights to my images and this is the app I use, LensLight has a huge range of light filters you can add to your images including the Bokeh effect, radiance, light and glows! It's a great app for making your pictures pretty. 

This is a pretty self explanatory app, it's basically an app you can use to create a mirror image I love using this on outfit images and makeup posts. 

Last but not least I had to include a font app, I use FontCandy to add writing to my images. I really love how you can choose from a huge list of fonts, change the colours and also the size and width of the writing. It's a great font app! 

So that was the low down of my favourite iPhone apps, I'd love to know what your favourite photography apps are and if you shall be buying any gadgets that will work with your phone? I think I need a clever cooker and iPhone app that cooks my food for me, now that would be amazing!  

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