Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Fashiola // The Fashion Finder

Since becoming a mum my priorities have changed and things that I used to do like shopping has become a little bit more difficult, shopping for an outfit with child is never going to go down well so I have turned to the Internet and do a lot of online shopping these days. I just find it easier to be able to browse the shops online and choose in my own time rather than rushing about running after my toddler in the process. I do have a few favourite sites online and tend to stick to them mainly because I forget to look up other brands and just end up getting a little tired of searching because I can never find what I really want.

I recently came across a site called Fashiola and this is a NEW online fashion finder that is perfect for those who love to do their shopping online, need something specific and want somewhere easy to find it all. Fashiola is an online fashion search engine, it is the new and easy online way to find specific products of top fashion brands for women, men and children, it features items from a whopping 93 online shops both high street and designer brands including ASOS, Topshop, H&M, Superdry, Michael Kors, Hugo Boss and Stella McCartney seriously the list is amazing. You can go on the site, select your favourite shop and it will show you the whole range, It will also let you know about any discount codes or special offers the store may have at the time and you can also refine your search by choosing sale items, new in or items in your size only. For the discount lovers out there you need to check out the Voucher codes page, here you will find all the discount codes from the brands that feature on Fashiola, it's so nice to see every brand in one place and it makes things a lot easier to find when you are searching for a real bargain.

Here is the part I enjoy the most... so imagine you have just been invited to a special event.. you need something to wear and you have exactly what you want in mind but can't find it anywhere! Simply go onto the Fashiola website, enter what it is your after for example a peach bandeau dress and let Fashiola do all the work for you. You can be super specific here, colours, size, brands, whatever you want and Fashiola will find it for you. You can save your favourite items to your Fashiola account and also have Fashiola send you an instant alert when something you've been lusting after has gone in the sale plus receive a weekly news letter for the latest news on new collections, offers and competitions. 

With social media being everything to us Fashiola have also thought of a great way you can share your favourite outfits by letting you create your very own Stylebooks, you can then share them with your friends via social media and get their opinions on the outfits too, how cool is that! There is also  an amazing blog section where fashion bloggers share their favourite trends, styles, offers and even competitions you could literally get lost on this site for hours because there is just so much to look at I may be a little guilty of this! 

Grab a cuppa, get comfy and Check out Fashiola here it's time to shop til' you drop!

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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Kids Fashion // Cheeky Monkey

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend, I can't believe it's almost over it's gone so quick! Yesterday whilst Mark was playing Cricket Vinny and I had a mother/son afternoon, we had a lovely time together. Vinny is so much fun to be around because he chats and laughs so much, we have so many conversations these days and he is pretty much potty trained now which I'm super proud about. I can't believe how well he took to potty training, he wears a nappy just for naps and bedtime now and even goes to nursery nappy free hooray! This week we attempted a few trips out to the shops nappy free and he was absolutely fine, what a star! 

I'm totally in love with his outfit he wore Saturday, how cute is this Paul Frank T-Shirt?! Vinny actually received this T-Shirt last week and I couldn't wait to put it on him, it's actually size age 3 but fits perfectly as you can see. I really love Julius the monkey on the front with his Geek Chic glasses, he also has 3D ears which Vinny loves he kept flapping them shut and saying 'na night monkey' adorable! Vinny also has a Julius the monkey cuddly toy, not sure if he has replaced 'bear' yet but Vinny is pretty fond of him already, he is super soft and cuddly!

The rest of the outfit is pretty simple as it's been too hot to wear anything else, he is wearing his Denim shorts from Asda which have an adjustable waist and he is also wearing his new Clarks sandals. I actually bought these sandals a couple of weeks ago now they are the Doodle Piranha sandals and can be worn in the water so perfect for when we visit Great Granny Prideaux as she lives on a farm and has a river near by that Vinny loves to play in. 

What have you been up to this weekend and what do you think of this cheeky monkeys outfit?

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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Slimming World Journey #1

slimming world journey

I've always been a fan of reading diet and fitness blogs/posts mainly because it's always been a struggle of mine and even more so lately. I have found myself reaching for the wrong foods, rather than having proper meals I've been snacking most of the day and I just haven't been feeling my best so I thought I'd take you all along with me to follow my Slimming World Journey. I have done many diets in the past and I actually lost over 2 stone for my wedding with Weight Watchers which I've managed to keep off but since the plan changed I just haven't been able to get used to it and seem to fall of the waggon easily, here we are today starting something fresh and new!

I did go to SW once or twice after I had Vinny and actually followed the plan for a little while on my own but I just feel like I need to refresh myself on the plan and really get motivated so I thought by writing a weekly post it would give me a kick up the bum to actually do something about the way I feel. I am not overweight however I feel uncomfortable in my clothes at the moment and I have a few pairs of pre pregnancy jeans I'd love to fit into so I'm going to give it a good go with Slimming World*, I'm so excited! This is all about a lifestyle change for me and feeling healthy again, eating healthy really does make me feel so much better and I can't wait for that feeling again. 

I hope you like these new posts on Glambeautys and enjoy following my SW journey, I will have a weekly post for you all so make sure you check in and if you are doing the plan or have done in the past I'd love to know your tips and tricks also if you have a blog and have written about your journey please link it below I'd love to have a read. I shall be posting extra foodie type posts on my Instagram too so if you are not following come follow here. 

If you want to join in with me and are thinking about signing up to Slimming world you can do so here.  It's a really great plan and a lifestyle change I'm excited for.

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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Xen-Tan Review and GIVEAWAY // 10 WINNERS

xen tan dark lotion

Summer = The need to tan and have I got a treat for you all today! As you can probably tell by the title I am hosting a huge giveaway, Xen-Tan and I have teamed up to give 10 of you the opportunity to win a Dark Lotion and tanning mitt worth £34 to ensure you have the best tan possible this Summer. First of all let me talk to you about the tan itself and why I love it so much. 

Xen-Tan Dark Lotion 236ml 
I have tried various Xen-Tan products before such as Moroccan tan and Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe, both of which I really love. I actually ran out of my Moroccan Tan a little while ago and wanted to try the Dark Tanning Lotion, many people rave about this product and I can totally see why. This tan is perfect for those who like a deep olive tan and is actually the easiest Xen-Tan product to apply out of the ones I have tested, I really love the lotion formula it goes on smoothly and as it has a guide colour it's really easy to see where to work the product in. I either apply it with a mitt or with my bare hands and wash them thoroughly after application. 

First impressions of this tan was really positive, you get a realistic instant colour which is really nice and I also love that it can be washed off after just 3 hours, I like to tan during the day so this is perfect for me. The tan lasts around 5 days on me with one application or if I apply it twice for a more intense colour it will last up to 7 days without looking patchy, it fades off really nicely and I love it! 

xen tan dark lotion

Good Luck when entering the competition girls but don't worry if you don't win because there is a fantastic promotion going on in M&S between the 1st-31st July for customers spending £25 on Xen-Tan in store or online. Xen-Tan launched in M&S March this year so to celebrate this they are giving away a FREE Dark Lotion 236ml worth £29 when spending £25 or more, so you could go buy a luxury face tanner and mitt then get the Dark Lotion for free! What an amazing deal! The Face Tanner Luxe is a fabulous face tanner, it has a guide colour also which makes application very simple and you can also wear it under your makeup as it's super nourishing and is very gentle on the skin, gentle enough to use daily!  

This Giveaway will run until July 15th, all you need to do to enter is fill in the Rafflecopter below and also leave a comment sharing why you'd like to try the Dark Lotion.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Buy more Xen-Tan products and take advantage of their amazing gift with purchase here!

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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Home & Decor // Ditch & Replace

Over the past two years we have really tried to update our home and have tried to really make it our own, we have renovated the kitchen and garage which you can see here, we have fully decorated all rooms and we have now started on the garden, good thing we have contents insurance because after the amount we've spent I couldn't handle anything happening to any of our new belongings. It's been a very expensive couple of years and there are still things I'd like to do, it's crazy how much your taste can change in even a couple of years and I've started to make re decorating plans for a few rooms, the first room being our living room. 

Before we moved our old home seemed to have a theme running through it and that was dark furniture and accessories, really I don't know what was going through my mind but some of that had to come with us when we moved and we just haven't been able to change them yet due to other priorities. Whilst I'm talking about the living room I'm going to tell you about a few things I'd like to ditch and replace, you'll know exactly why once I tell you. 

First up we have the sofas, oh my these sofas have to go! I was actually kindly gifted these from my mum when she updated her own sofas and we were super grateful because the ones we had before were pretty terrible. I remember we were so excited to receive them because they came with a reclining chair and even a footstool which we were pretty chuffed about. To be honest the sofas have been great, they are a dark brown leather material which has actually worked really well whilst having a baby they are very easy to clean which is why I've been reluctant to change just yet as toddlers can be rather messy! I would love to change eventually though and I plan to get some really comfy sofas, a little more modern and a lighter colour scheme I'm thinking greys and whites because you all know I love a fresh, bright room! 

Another thing I'd like to change in my living room is the striped wallpaper and striped carpet, I thought it would be a really great Idea at the time but now I feel it's a little stripe overload so I aim to strip it all back to basics and go for something a little plainer next time. I really love the fresh look in my kitchen/diner so I'm going to take inspiration from that and create a nice bright living room to relax in with a modern feel. It's crazy how colour schemes can really change a room from making it look dated to modern and fresh, I can't wait to get started although this may not be until next year after all we've had a pretty expensive year!

What would you ditch and replace from your home? 

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