Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Roger & Gallet Gingembre Rouge Eau Fraiche Fragrance

Fragrances are something I absolutely adore but tend to forget about buying these days, when I worked in a perfume shop I always had a new fragrance to wear and my favourites were fresh fruity scents and also heavier musky scents for winter. With it being Summer time I have a new fragrance to share with you that I have been loving and it's from Roger & Gallet. I have never tried and Roger & Gallet fragrances up until now and I have to say this is beautiful. 

The bottle was designed by Martin Szekely and has got that typical summer feel to it with vibrant reds and berry tones, it's very sturdy and a dream to spritz. This is a 100ml bottle so you get a huge amount of fragrance for your money which is fantastic and it's a great everyday scent too. The fragrance itself was inspired by a Stopover in Zanzibar and you can really tell once you smell it, pure vibrance and a powerful explosion of beautiful scents. 

Roger & Gallet explain what the fragrance smells like... 
Mysterious, spicy and addictive notes come together to create a colourful explosion. Fresh ginger is complemented by juicy mandarin and sparkling pomegranate notes.  Vibrant, joyful notes of ginger flower and mouth-watering lychee are combined with the indulgence of crystallised ginger.A captivating trail.

I wanted to include Roger & Gallets explanation because I'm not the best person to describe a scent but what I can say is that if your looking for a gorgeous new summer scent that feels fresh yet exotic then I'd give it a try it's seriously gorgeous and has been my go to fragrance for everyday use for about a month now. 

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Outfit From Head to Toe | Sale Picks #1

Light Wash Ripped Jeans Was £40.00 Now £25.00  River Island

Entire Outfit Price
Was £158.97 
Now £73.25
 Saving £85.72!

I'm all about sales, I grab as much as I can during this time setting my self up for the season although having Vinny means I can't really dive into the shops when the sales are on so I thought I'd have a rummage online today and came up with this cute outfit. It's absolutely crazy how cheap some Items go when they go into the sale and often get even cheaper if your brave enough to wait it out towards the end of the sale although if your looking for a specific item it's good to snap it up as soon as you see it. I really love everything I found today and wish I could brave a bralet but for all you bralet lovers out there I hope you snap this little bargain up! 

Wheres your favourite place to bargain hunt when the sales are on?

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Urban Decay Flushed Palette | Native & Illuminating Beauty Balm

Urban Decay Flushed Palette | Native RRP £22.00*
Urban Decay Illuminating Beauty Balm £23.00*

Hello lovelies, today I have a couple of products new to the world of Urban Decay. I am a huge fan of Urban decay, I love the quality of the products and the packaging is just divine so lets get on with the review and I will tell you my thoughts. First up we have the Flushed Palette, I have the Native palette but there are two others to choose from; Streak and Strip. Native includes a pink blush, a warm bronzer for medium complexions and a beautiful opal highlighter. I thought I'd prefer Streak because the blush was a little more coral but to my surprise I actually really love the pink blush in this palette. This palette has been created to have everything you need to create a fresh glowing face and I absolutely adore it. I really love the fact that the bronzer is the biggest of the three shades because that is what we'd use the most, then going on to blush and highlight. 

The actual texture of this palette is quite soft and does tend to give a little more fall out than I'd expect and you end up with a little bit too much on the brush but having said that I'd prefer that to a palette which I couldn't get enough product onto my brush. The bronzer applies well, as mentioned it is quite powdery but it blends well on the skin and doesn't look too dark on my face so I like to use this as an overall bronze. The matte blush is pretty pigmented so I like to use a very light hand when applying this but the main reason for that is because I'm not used to wearing pink blushes so feel I have to be very careful when I apply but what I do like is that you have the option to wear it sheer or more opaque depending on your preference. Lastly the highlighter has to be my favourite of the three, it's a gorgeous opal champagne shade which really stands out and gives that extra glow, you need the tiniest amount of this so despite it being the smallest of the three I still feel it will go a very long way. 

Next up we have the Illuminating Beauty Balm, the two new shades in Beauty Balm range is this Illuminating Balm and there is also a Bronzing Balm which I think I may have got on with a little better. For me this has been quite a disappointing product mainly because I thought it would have a little more coverage than what it does. This beauty balm is said to perfect, protect, treat, prime and hydrate and it also has champagne-coloured pearls to help create a more radiant finish. It also promises to provide anti-aging benefits in just 8 weeks, I haven't been using it that long so I can't comment on those benefits but it does also have SPF 20 which is a really great aspect. I will say I have liked using this as a primer however the 'pearl particles' do leave my face looking a little more glittery than desired but once foundation is applied this disappears and I am left with a smooth finish that does look rather radiant so not a complete thumbs down but I have tried other products out there that I have preferred when it comes to Illuminating products. 

Have you tried any of these products by Urban Decay, I have to say my favourite was the Flushed Palette it has been used quite a lot this month! 

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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Clarins Ladylike Autumn Collection 2014

Ah with Autumn just around the corner I find myself getting rather excited by all the new launches out there, today I want to share with you a few new products that have been created for Clarins Autumn collection. This collection is truly elegant and feminine, with a captivating range of colours there is something to suit everyone. 

Ombre Matte Cream to Powder Eyeshadow £19*
I have to say I was most excited about these gorgeous eyeshadows, the cream to powder formula is genius the matte finish is just divine. I really love how these apply, I like to use my fingers for a quick wash of colour on the lids and the lasting power is incredible so definitely one to purchase if your on the look out for a long lasting shadow. There are six shades to choose from; 01 Nude Beige, 01 Nude Rose, 03 Taupe, 04 Rosewood, 05 Sparkle Grey and 06 Earth. Each and every shade has a neutral feel to it and are such easy shades to wear, together or alone. I particularly love the look of Sparkle Grey, I think that would look gorgeous over the festive season. The shades pictured above from left to right in the swatches image are; 02 Nude Rose, 04 Rosewood & 06 Earth. Beautiful shades indeed! 

Instant Light Eye Perfecting Base £22*
This little tube of goodness basically prepares the eyelid to create a smooth even base for whichever shadow you choose to wear. It promises to even, brighten and give radiance to the eyelids and I have to say it does a pretty good job at all three. It does feel a little thicker to the primers I am used to but I think that's because of the oat sugar extracts which help to smooth the eyelids and the mattifying powders provide the long lasting hold, it's a bit like your applying concealer to the lids at first but it definitely smoothes out and creates the perfect canvas for any shadow application and makes it last without any creasing. 

Eye Quartet Mineral Palette £32* 
Just wow, look at how beautiful this palette is! Pure Luxury. This is the all new 'Skin tones' shade collection and includes a variety of sophisticated colours from soft beiges to warm browns to gorgeous taupes. The perfect palette for taking your look from day to night. I love each and every shade apart from the top left shade you see only because that shade seems to be the least pigmented, the whole palette is super pigmented and reminds me a little of the ombre cream to powder pots but that one shade just doesn't seem to work for me that well. You can also apply each shade wet to really intensify the look and make those eyes pop which is why I think it's such a great versatile palette.  

A couple of items I don't have to show you today but are also new to the Clarins Autumn collection are the Rouge Eclat Lipsticks £19.50, these look seriously beautiful and they are also the first age-defying lipsticks from Clarins. They promise to be long lasting and there are five shades to choose from. 

For all you brow lovers out there we have a fabulous brow kit, called the Perfect Eyes and Brows Palette £35. This palette includes everything you need to create gorgeous brows, it includes; three brow powders, a setting gel and a beige/pink shadow to enhance the brow bone. Not to mention cute applicators and a mini spooly! 

Last but not least if your one for a spot of eyeliner you must check out the Limited Editon 3 dot liner, this is one I've not tried before but I really love the new brown shade which is not only perfect for AW14 but also great as an everyday liner if your looking to soften up your usual black liner everyday look. 

I hope you enjoyed checking out these new beauties from Clarins, have you added any to your wish list this Autumn!? 

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Trial The Trend | Golden Goddess

I was recently asked by Urban Retreat Beautique to create an AW14 Inspired look using gold shades and I was sent a couple of Laura Mercier products to help me with the look. I know AW14 seems quite far away but I thought I'd make this look Summer appropriate by incorporating a pretty pink lip, of course to make it more AW appropriate you could add a bright red or deep berry lip. 

I started by using the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Gilded Gold*, I swooped this over the whole eye lid and also on the lower lash line to dramatise the look a little more. I really liked using this stick because it was so easy to use and the cream formula was super smooth too, you can easily add a light wash of colour and blend in or use more product to really intensify it. I then added a neutral brown shadow to the crease and really blended it out for a soft look. I also added some brown shadow to the lower lash line beneath the gold to add some extra smokiness to the look and to define my eyes a little more. Last steps were eye liner, I added a liquid liner to the top lash line and a kohl onto the waterline and also added some mascara to define and separate my lashes this Laura Mercier Long Lash Black Mascara* really works well on my lashes, it's clump free and smudge free even on those lower lashes! Last but not least I added some falsies to dramatise and complete the look. 

Have you started to see many AW14 makeup trends pop up? What's your favourite so far, I think golds will always be a classic that I will love and adore. 

Friday, 15 August 2014

Fragrance Direct Hamper Prize Favourites

Hello lovelies, do you remember when I won that fantastic Fragrance Direct Hamper a little while back? Well I thought it was about time I told you about my favourites from the hamper and why they are all so fabulous. I have been getting a lot of use out of these and I have also managed to find a couple of dupes for you so lets get started!

First of all lets talk brushes (They have just been cleaned in the image above hence the lack of fluffiness). I specifically asked for these brushes to go in my hamper because I really love Real Techniques brushes, I have quite a collection now and I have to say they have to be the best quality brushes I have used so far in terms of longevity and quality. The duo fibre collection are super soft and feel like a dream to use, this set consists of three brushes; a face brush, contour brush and an eye brush. I have pretty much been using them for what they say they are which I have to say is quite rare for me because I pretty much always find a new use for brushes but these have been perfect. The face brush is amazing for applying a light amount of powder to set foundation and it's also a great brush to add light swoop of bronzer without overdoing it. The contour brush has been amazing to use with my cream contour products, it has been amazing for application and blending. Finally the eye brush has been wonderful to smooth out any harsh shadow lines and softening the overall eye look. The last brush I asked for was the Stippling brush, this has been fantastic for applying cream blushes which is something I'm rather obsessed with at the moment and in a moment you'll hear which blush I have been using this for. 

OK so on to face products, that blush I was talking about is the Bobbi Brown Rouge Pot for lips and cheeks in the shade Calypso Coral 02. This blush is absolutely beautiful and the coral shade is just perfect for summer, as mentioned I have been using the Real Techniques stippling brush to apply this and it works really well. You need the tiniest amount of product for application and it goes so far, I also love to wear this on the lips for a pretty flush of colour. Next up I have been loving the Clinique Dramatically different moisturising lotion, I have been applying this before my makeup in the morning and find my makeup sits really well on it and it's also fragrance free which is really nice and perfect for sensitive skin. 

I have also been loving this Calvin Klein lipstick which is a total bargain and a very close colour match for Mac Costa Chic, this one appears a little more red than coral but on the lips they look pretty much identical which is amazing. Finally I have been enjoying this Loreal Lash Architect mascara, the wand is a good size that manages to get all my lashes covered and I find I only need a couple of coats and I'm ready!

Ooh let's talk haircare, you all probably know by now my hair has been feeling a little dry and damaged lately so I was in desperate need for some products to rescue that. I received this Macadamia deep repair masque and I have been obsessed with it since and have been giving my hair a treatment once a week and I have noticed a huge difference, amazing product that smells gorgeous too. Once my hair is washed I like to pop some Royal Moroccan oil on to the ends and I have to say this is pretty much a dupe for my ultimate favourite Moroccan Oil, the bottle is very similar and the texture too. The smell is slightly different, a little more of a holiday coconut scent but equally as nice and half the price! Now my hair is feeling great and soft I just like to add a couple of drops of the S Factor Dream Drops, this stuff smells so amazing and it just gets rid of any frizzy bits and fly aways which I often get due to Post Partum Hair loss and lots of baby hairs growing back. 

I have saved the best until last here because I have been absolutely obsessed with this fragrance since I got it. The Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine Edition may be a bit of a mouthful to say but my word it's an incredible Summer scent. I have to admit when I first sprayed it into the air and had a smell of it I instantly thought this is a little more floral than I'd usually go for then I got some fruity notes come to me and I instantly sprayed some onto my skin. Once this product warmed up on my skin I fell in love with this light fresh summer scent, it has a floral smell with a fruity twist with base notes of Ambre and Musk. A stunning perfume and it's taken pride of place on my vanity with that stunning bottle! 

I hope you enjoyed this mini round up post, have you tried any of these products before?

I'd love to know whats on your wish list right now, I now have my eye on the new Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Fragrance! 

Check out the Fragrance Direct blog here. 

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