Thursday, 26 February 2015

New Kitchen Sneak Peek | Seating Areas

You'll be glad to know after four long weeks my kitchen is now complete! I am so happy with how it's all turned out and it looks stunning, I'm still in the middle of putting everything back, like food into the new fridge and plates into the cupboards. Oh I can't wait to have my living room back and de clutter everything, it's definitely been a long four weeks but come the end I didn't find it too bad. 

For my post today I wanted to share with you a couple of pieces and areas in the new kitchen/diner, as you may or may not know we now have a breakfast bar which is absolutely divine. I've always wanted my own breakfast bar and this is just perfect, such a nice area we can sit and chat whilst one of us cooks and Vinny plays. I'm quite obsessed with our new bar stools, I had been looking high and low for the perfect chairs as I wanted something that had a back for comfort and for something that would fit well in the kitchen and look super stylish.

We opted for the Aldo bar stools which come as a pair from House of Isabella , we went for white stools to keep with our bright and light theme. If your not familiar with House of Isabella I'd highly recommend checking out the site, I actually came across their website whilst searching for bar stools and I have been hooked ever since, it's a really beautiful boutique that sells all sorts from dining room furniture to gifts and hampers, such a beautiful store. 

Delivery for the stools was super quick too which was amazing. If you've had your kitchen done you'll understand how timing is everything when it comes to deliveries, I've had to organise so many things to be delivered and I am quite impatient so I need things there when they are ready to go in if you know what I mean. Unfortunately I wasn't that organised when ordering my dining room table & chairs so I currently have a table but have to wait 3-4 weeks before our chairs are delivered which is a bit frustrating because I want to show you everything now, we also haven't ordered a sofa yet for our dining room because that's another thing that takes forever to be delivered and also is a little bit more pricey, I'm in the middle of checking My Voucher Codes for as many discounts as possible even though I end up looking at subscription boxes and makeup I'll leave you my most recent find at the bottom of this post!

The second piece I've been dying to show you is this beautiful Safavieh Vilde Club Armchair from Wayfair, I'm so in love with it and have decorated it with my faux fur rug as I think it adds to the nordic/glam feel I'm going for in this room bit of a random mix but I'm obsessed with it. When the chair arrived I wondered what I had ordered it was so big but packaged so well, and when I opened it I couldn't wait to give it a try and nor could Vinny! It's definitely one of his favourite spots in the room and often takes a seat and reads his book in it! 

The frame is a white washed oak which is what I originally wanted for our kitchen worktops but were unable to source them quick enough for our renovation, it looks beautiful on the chair though and I can't wait to find some more pieces to go with it. The fabric is a linen and cotton blend with amazing buttoned upholstery, and the colour as you can see is fabulous I really want this in my dressing room.. I'm thinking about stealing it although I'm not sure my husband would be amused. 

What do you think of the little preview of what's to come in our new kitchen, loving the pieces so far?

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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Fashion Finds | The Trend

I haven't bought any clothing items for quite some time now, well nothing worth blogging about but I have been thinking I need to treat myself soon. You may know I'm pretty safe when it comes to fashion, I tend to stick to the same colours and same styles and rarely push myself out of my comfort zone but recently whilst searching online I found quite a few wearable yet stylish pieces that I've been lusting after ever since so I thought I'd share them with you today. 

Everything I've picked is from River Island mainly because I have a store local to me so I can try pieces on and also because I found some really great bits online. What I love to do is go into the store to find everything I want and I then go on the look out online to find the best deals and discounts, I love using different discount websites and I always end up saving so much money so it's great especially when your a spendaholic! 

Flares seem to be everywhere at the moment, I remember wearing flares back in the day and even making my own by cutting the sides of my jeans and sewing in fabric! Let's just say it never really went to plan but hey I was proud of my creations and I even made pairs to match my accessories, I always knew I'd be a Fashionista.... I really love these dark denim jeans from RI, the dark denim is taking me ever so slightly out of my black comfort zone but also look super chic. I thought it would go perfectly with a swing cami and this oh so gorgeous grey jersey jacket, I have been obsessed with this ever since I tried it on in store I still want to buy it but I'm kind of hoping my husband reads this and gets it for me this Mothers Day (there's a lovely meal in it for you Mark). 

Last but not least to finish off this outfit I picked these fabulous Mules, I really love these they look super comfortable despite the large heel and they'd go with so many outfits I think. I also love this purple fedora hat, it's so gorgeous although I'm not sure I could brave it out even though I'd love to. 

What do you think of my picks, mumsy yet on trend? 

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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

3 Ways to Refresh your Bathroom

With the Kitchen almost being finished I've found myself wandering about our next project, that will more than likely be the garden and then I think that will have to be it for a while whilst we save up for something else. I would quite like a new bathroom, the one we have is absolutely fine but I'd love to add my own personal touch to it and modernise it even more. I thought I'd share a few tips on refreshing your bathroom if your on a budget and don't want anything to difficult to do and make a huge difference, a recent survey by Uk Bathrooms showed that 9% of people would be put off by broken tiles when buying a new home so if you have some broken or slightly old looking tiles updating those and keeping things fresh could really help. 

Changing the flooring is something I'd like to do when we have completed everything else in the house, it's a pretty simple job as we only have vinyl at the moment and I want to change it to white wooden floor boards which I think will really make things look fresh and clean.

Decorative Pieces
I'm on the search for some nice decorative pieces to add a touch of character to the room, I'm going to add a colour scheme to our bathroom with accents of gold to really make it feel glamorous and homely. I want to add some shelving so I can pop some candles and ornaments onto them and I also want to get some typography frames for the room too, a quote maybe as I think this would really make the room quirky and personal. 

Deep Clean
Last but not least just by giving your bathroom a deep clean can really give it a new lease of life, although the process isn't that fun I'm sure you'll enjoy a lovely bubble bath once it's all finished and you can enjoy looking at your new sparkling bathroom. I'm off to do my bathroom now, wish me luck!

Do you have any tips on refreshing your bathroom? 

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Monday, 23 February 2015

What I'm Wearing | New Products

It's been an exciting few weeks of deliveries at Glambeautys HQ, the most exciting delivery was the brand new Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour palettes. I can imagine that's what your most excited to hear about so let me talk you through the whole face and we shall start with the base. 

I started with a light layer of Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, I really love this foundation because a little goes a long way and it gives a really nice amount of cover. That being said, my skin hasn't been it's best this week I've had quite a few blemishes pop up from nowhere so it's been a challenge to hide but the show stopper of this look has to be the ABH cream contour palettes, I actually used the light shades as a concealer aswel as a highlighter and it worked a dream. 

The cream contour palette consists of 6 shades, 3 different highlight shades and 3 contour shades. I really like the creamy texture of the palette it's a nice consistency and applies really nicely to the skin, I used the Banana shade as a highlight and Cinnamon to contour. One thing I would say about the contour shades is that they could be a little more neutral, Cinnamon is the perfect darkness for my face but it does look a little warm for my complexion so some cooler tones would be great and I imagine they will bring more shades out in the future as I know they will be bringing out a fair palette for those with a lighter complexion too. That being said the contour creams blend beautifully together and I'm really happy with how easy they were to use, no harsh blending needed as they blended together effortlessly. I set everything in place using the ABH powered contour kit and it allowed me to intensify my contour that little bit more and finish it off well. 

Onto the eyes, I used a cute little quad palette from Tarte called the Prismatic Eye Colour Enhancing Shadow Palette. There are three palettes in this collection, one for green eyes, one for blue and one for brown, this palette is actually for brown eyes but I think it worked amazing on my baby blues. The pigmentation is incredible, a lot of the time with palettes I find the light shades never really show up that well once applied but these applied super pigmented from the get go! I used all four shades on my eyes but focused on the darkest shade on my entire lid and blended out to create a gorgeous soft smokey eye, I also applied this to the lower lash line to give a really soft smokey feel. 

I finished the look with a metallic purple gel liner which is again from Tarte, I thought this would add to the soft look I was going for but help define the eyes and it definitely did that, I really love the pop of colour it gives and I then added some Mascara which was the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4 in 1 Mascara. I have been using this mascara for a fair few weeks now and it has become a firm favourite in my collection, the mascara itself is quite wet which is something I like in a mascara as it makes application nice and easy although it does sometimes transfer onto my upper lid after a long day which doesn't actually put me off because I like the mascara so much, it adds volume and length which is perfect for me. I also added some false lashes and these are from Girls With Attitude, the lashes are called Heart Stopper they have a pretty fluttery finish and are a nice natural lash with a touch of drama. 

Last but not least I added a pop of pink using a Too Faced Melted Lipstick in the shade Melted Marshmallow I'm a huge fan of these melted lipsticks they are so pigmented and the colour and shine lasts a good few hours. It's such a great flirty pink, very Barbie gone chic I feel a very pretty shade to wear during the day or for a night out, as you can see it works beautifully with this smokey eye. 

What new products have you been trying lately, do you fancy trying out any of these products after reading this post? 

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Sunday, 22 February 2015

OXO Kitchen Haul

With the kitchen almost complete I've been gathering quite a collection of new bits I'd like to add to our new shiny kitchen, when we were sorting through everything in the old kitchen I was quite ruthless and threw quite a lot away. I want this kitchen to have lots of new fresh items and I also want this kitchen to be a place where I can enjoy cooking and teach myself to be a better cook so today I'm going to talk you through a few items I was kindly sent from OXO and give you my thoughts on them and the reasoning behind getting them. 

I'm not the best cook but having a new shiny kitchen to work with I'm making this my year to learn how to be a little more creative in the kitchen, my husband has a nickname at work and it's cupcake... the reason behind this cute name is because when Mark started working with the company he'd always have a cupcake in his lunchbox because his nan had baked him some. Now although he no longer has the cupcakes the name has stuck, and I'd like to bring the cupcakes back... I've never made cupcakes from scratch and although to some this may be super easy I always get in a bit of a tizzy when it comes to measuring out the ingredients. 

I've never had any measuring utensils which is why I chose the 7 piece measuring cup set and the 7 piece measuring spoon set. These two sets are going to help me get my measure on and get my bake on, I really love how they have a snapping feature so you can keep them all organised and together, each spoon and cup also has the measurements written clearly on the side which is just perfect! 

This Compact food scale is something I actually wanted to get for when I'm on a diet which is pretty much all the time, whenever I go on a diet such as Slimming world or Weight Watchers I've always been pretty successful but I have to say results can be pretty slow and I think the main reason for that is because I wasn't really measuring my foods out properly. Now my kitchen is almost done I want to get back to eating healthy, I have been eating horrendously the last month or so and I'm so excited to actually eat well again. The bowl snaps onto the base with is perfect for storage and it's also great for travel because it's pretty small too, I can't wait to use this! 

As you can imagine with all the building work going on the house has been pretty dusty lately, I have found myself sweeping up dust and dirt pretty much everyday more than once and this compact dustpan set has been a god send. My old dustpan and brush was broken so I was so happy to receive this, the mini design is great if your limited for space in your house I'm going to pop this into one of our new drawers because its compact enough to do so which is great.  

Last but not least the biggest item of all is the Foldaway Dish Rack, I really love the chic design of this rack. The one we used to have was metal and basically got water everywhere but this clever design has a pour spout for excess water to be drained, it also has cup racks and divided utensil holders which are also removable for easy unloading. I simply can't wait to pop this on our new white ceramic kitchen sink, it's going to look gorgeous!

Have you been buying for your kitchen lately, I'd love to know where your favourite place to shop is? 
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