Monday, 27 July 2015

The Danger of Store-Cards & Why I Don't Use Them

When you're a little strapped for cash but can't stop yourself from shopping what do you do? I can tell you what I do, I save and wait until I have enough money to buy what I have been wanting for so long. I'm patient and ignore the extra 20% I can get off my entire shop if I get a store card... why, you ask? Store cards can not only damage your credit rating but they can also get you into lots of financial trouble if you are not careful. OK so with some store cards you can get regular discounts and promotions, you can even get something like £300 instant credit which sounds pretty amazing right? Let me tell you about all if the hidden negatives of a store card which may make you rethink about getting one and save up instead. 

Hidden Charges
It's all well and good having £300 instant credit but you will have to pay that back, most of the time you will get an interest free offer but that will end and usually it's after about a month or two then the charges come rolling in. With an APR of 28% or more can you really afford to start paying everything back when you had no money in the first place? Some companies will even charge you an annual fee for the 'convenience' of having the card and if you fail to pay the minimum payment for the month you will get an extra charge on top of that! Cheeky. 

Store cards can be also addictive a little like shopping itself but when you think about all this 'free' money you have and that holiday you have next month it's easy for things to spiral out of control, first it's just a new bikini for your holiday and next it's a whole entire new wardrobe! You have to be so careful, just think do you really need that extra pair of shoes? 

High Interest
Store cards are very different to Loyalty cards, you don't earn points that you can later use to get a discount on your shop it's basically a card that you can buy things on credit but of course with all of these cards you need to pay interest back and they often charge much higher interest than your average credit card especially when you go into debt. To avoid paying high interest charges you should aways try and pay off your bill in full each month or alternatively if you have a store card already and are struggling with the charges you can also transfer your balance onto an 0% interest balance credit card to help pay off the debt quicker and easier.

Still thinking about getting that store card for a measly discount and convenience? Id love to know if you have one and your thoughts on them, of course if you are sensible then they can be OK but personally they are not for me. 

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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Huge Vita Liberata Bundle Giveaway

I thought I'd give you all a heads up about a Giveaway that's just gone live on my Instagram page, you may remember last month I wrote a post about my current favourite face tanning products by Vita Liberata and the VL team have kindly given me the chance to giveaway my favourites along with their entire SPF collection and unlike other SPFs it's ultra-hydrating and non greasy and has a lightweight, silky finish - plus it has anti-age benefits so leaves your skin super soft. 

Organic Passionflower and Argan Dry Oil SPF Factor 50
Organic Passionflower and Argan Dry Oil SPF Factor 25
Organic Passionflower and Argan Dry Oil SPF Factor 30 Face Serum
Trystal Minerals Bronzer 
Night Moisture Mask

With a prize worth over £140 it would be crazy not to enter, lets  keep those tans glowing throughout August and good luck!

To enter simply head over to my Instagram page and repost this image with the #VITALIZA and make sure to tag and follow @Vitaliberata and myself on Instagram @lizaprideaux. 

Good Luck
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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Vinny // Potty Training, Swimming and New Toys!

It's been quite a while since I gave you all an update on little Vin so I thought today I'd do just that for you, Vinny is 2 years and 4 months old now which I find absolutely crazy and it wasn't until we went to Butlins yesterday a year after our first family holiday there that made me realise how much he has changed in the past year, I have found myself just looking at him lately bursting with pride because he is just such a fab little boy.. let me tell you what he has been up to! 

So yesterday we went to Butlins for a day trip as it was Marks birthday, we had probably the worst weather we've had all summer with torrential rain and in the past we would have just not bothered but yesterday I thought 'hey why not, the rain is not going to ruin our day!' so on with our planned trip we went. We went to Butlins last year for our first family holiday and had an absolutely amazing time but this time it was a whole other level, Vinny interacted with other children, the fun characters that were out and about and he even sat with mummy and daddy to have some lunch... These may seem like little things but they made our trip so much more relaxed. Last year Vinny wouldn't have even stayed in a restaurant let alone sit down in one and he would run away from any of the characters because he was too scared of them. 

The most noticeable difference I found in Vinny was swimming, last years trip to Butlins was Vinnys first real trip to a swimming pool that Vinny had ever had he was super nervous, scared of the water and constantly clung himself to daddy but this year was a whole different ball game! Vinny was jumping in the water, off down the slide numerous times and looking to us to impress he was so confident and so happy in the water and to be honest it made me so proud. In the past if Vinny would accidentally put his head under water he would get scared and cry but this time he would just grab onto my hand, try to swim and giggle along the way it was incredible to watch and see how much he has changed and that is all down to his Konfidence swimming lessons and being Konfidence Swimoligist. The term has just finished for Summer and we have already enrolled him for his next lessons because he enjoys swimming so much, we are off to Butlins again in October for a week and I can't wait to see how much he has improved again, I will have to take some snaps for you all to see! 

Potty Training
Ah the dreaded potty training milestone.. I have to admit this is something I dreaded quite a lot and something I didn't really feel I needed to rush. To be honest I didn't think that Vinny would even be interested in potty training before 2 and a half but I'm delighted to say he is now potty trained and it was actually super easy for us to do! We started off by just having nappy free time around the house, this was all good and Vinny soon learnt to go for a wee on the potty without any accidents.

It wasn't until I started putting pants on him where we hit a tiny bump in the road, Vinny wasn't able to pull his pants up and down alone which made him have quite a few accidents so I would make sure to ask him every 15-20 minutes  and sit him on the potty. Vinny soon learnt how to pull his pants down but still struggles a little pulling them up but to be honest I'm fine with this and he will soon learn. One tip I'd give to those starting their potty training journey is to teach them to pull their pants up and down before you start, it will make the transition a lot quicker. We had our first full day out yesterday and Vinny had no accidents, he still wears pull-ups during the night and nap times but he does actually wake when he needs a wee and calls for me to go on the toilet which is so cute, he feels so grown up all of a sudden!! Where did my baby go! 

Lastly let's talk toys, Vinny loves toys and has a huge obsession with cars, helicopters and aeroplanes... I swear I find a new car around the house everyday and the house seems to be a complete mess from morning until night, toddlers for you! That being said we have been spending a lot of time outside in our garden which still isn't complete by the way hence the lack of garden posts. Vinny has been playing in his Little Tikes Cape Cottage non stop when outside, it's a gorgeous red playhouse that's actually super stylish and modern. I love the look of this house in our garden it's got super contemporary feel and perfect for little boys and girls, I'm so glad we managed to find playhouse for Vinny that isn't girly as a lot of the houses around are always super girly and feminine. 

When the cottage arrived Vinny couldn't wait to get it out the box and insisted mummy and daddy put it together, we actually put it together whilst in the house which was a bit silly as it wouldn't fit through our french doors to put outside but that didn't matter too much as we just left it in our living room for a few days for Vinny to play. It worked out quite well actually as the weather wasn't very nice the first few days we had it so Vinny had plenty of time to play in it whilst it was inside. We finally managed to get it outside and it slots perfectly into a small patio area in our garden, we decided to leave it on the patio as we have only just had our grass laid and didn't want to ruin that but to be honest I still think I will keep it on the patio as it looks nice on it. 

The house has so many cute little details such as a letter box that actually works might I add, gorgeous white windows that can be opened and shut. Vinny loves his new playhouse! You can find out more about the Little Tikes Cape Cottage here, this Cottage retails from £99.99 and is suitable from 24 months to 5 years old it also comes in tan/red or pink! 

There is so much more I can update you all on but this post is pretty long now so I shall leave it at that for now and write another post in a few weeks for you, Vinny is such a chatterbox now and we can have full conversations together it's so cute, love my little buddy he is the cutest! 

Has your little one met any milestones lately? They change so much don't they! 

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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Personal Style // Cher Wears

cher clueless little mistress
cher clueless little mistress
cher clueless little mistress
cher clueless little mistress

As if! It's coming up to the 20th Anniversary of one of my all time favourite shows Clueless and today I'm sharing with you my Clueless inspired outfit. Little Mistress have teamed up with Metail who have created created - a website housed with the very best 90s fashion to be able to try on and buy. There is even a quiz on the site to find out which 90's girl you are, I got Cher of course the preppy princess although now I think I need that amazing wardrobe to go with the title to really do her justice. 

I like totally thought I'd share with you the outfit I picked to show off Chers style with a modern twist, Cher is super preppy yet girly so I had to get this gorgeous Nude V Neck dress, the Chiffon fabric is so feminine and the style is super pretty and chic. I then chose these strappy peep toe heels, I thought the clear mesh inserts looked sooo 90's and added a slightly bolder finish to the look rather than going for a nude heel, all I need now is a yellow tartan jacket to make the look a little more preppy and we are good to go! 

Have you taken the quiz yet? I'd love to know which 90's babe you are!


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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

My Lip Augmentation Experience & Botox

lip augmentation botox experience  james willis faces

I have always been one to watch surgery and makeover programs, I find them so interesting and love seeing the results although not all of them turn out well it still interests me and has actually made me want to get procedures myself. I have only had non surgical procedures and today I wanted to share my experiences with you on my most recent ones which are a lip augmentation and Botox. 

I have always been quite unhappy with my smile despite having my teeth straightened when I was younger they have since moved and it's made me quite unhappy with my smile. I did consider straightening again but have put that off for now although I will have them done in the future, with my smile being a little crooked it has effected the way my lips are positioned and has made them uneven so the main reason I had them done was to even out my smile and also create a less 'gummy' smile, when I laugh I have quite a wide smile and I felt self conscious because you could see quite a lot of my gums but I'm happy to say this has been corrected and I'm delighted with the results. 

When it comes to having these types of procedures it's so important to do your research and find someone you feel comfortable with doing them for you, I did a lot of research and came across James Willis whom is the owner of James Willis Faces in Totnes. James has been providing these treatments in Devon for over twenty years which is pretty incredible and he is a member of the International Academy of Advanced Facial Aesthetics and trains and lectures to other colleagues so this instantly put my mind at ease but of course still wanted to meet him before being completely happy to go ahead with my treatments so as soon as I could get an appointment I got booked in and visited his clinic.

The clinic is lovely, very clean and has such a relaxed serene vibe I felt instantly happy when I entered the clinic I also spotted a fabulous makeup stand as they also do makeup. The makeup brand is Youngblood and I was also able to try some of this after my treatments, Ali made sure I left feeling as beautiful as I could after my treatments and used the makeup to hide any red marks or bruising with the mineral makeup which has been created to help conceal and soothe post-operative bruising and irritation.

lip augmentation botox experience  james willis faces

On to the actual treatment, I was greeted by James and he was very welcoming and firstly asked me what I was unhappy about when it came to my lips and I explained my concerns  he then thoroughly explained to me everything that I would need and also explained that the reason my smile was a little gummy was not in fact to do with my lips but the muscle above them, he reassured me he could fix this with a touch of Botox to the sides of my nose and then spoke about how we could make my lips better. James talked to me about what filler he uses which is Juvederm, a non-permanent product that is very safe and the benefits are very natural, he also explained that I already had quite full lips which I knew but one side was slightly more deflated than the other due to the positioning of my teeth so he would pop more filler in one side to match that up, and he also told me how much the procedure would cost before starting which would be £300.

I was also very concerned about the pain as I've heard so many things about lip fillers and how painful they are, I was adamant I wanted a dental block but James explained that the numbing cream would be better and that he'd put lots on and leave it on until I was happy to go ahead. To be honest the cream was perfectly fine and I could barely feel a thing, the pain wasn't bad at all and was bearable. James popped some extra filler in the two lines in between my nose and lips to make them more prominent and has defined my philtrum/cupids bow, this has also lifted the appearance of my lips and given more of a pout effect. 

lip augmentation botox experience  james willis faces

James asked kept asking me if I was OK throughout the procedure and made me feel at ease, he really made me feel relaxed and took his time to get everything right. Once he was finished he gave me a mirror to have a look and I could instantly see the results although they were a little swollen I actually loved how they were and didn't want them to go down! I was then booked in for two weeks time to make sure I was happy and to add some more fillers if needed which we did as I still wanted them slightly fuller. 4 weeks later after my first initial appointment I am so happy with the results and my lips look great, I'm so thankful I came across James and his Clinic it's such a lovely place and so professional. I was so happy with my lip treatment I opted to have my Botox done here too, I have had Botox in the past so this wasn't new to me but James did do a couple of things differently like add some Botox to my 'Bunny Lines' which is the cutest name for wrinkles on the nose to reduce them slightly and he also added a tiny bit of Botox to the brows to lift! Brace yourselves for the before photos... 

lip augmentation botox experience  james willis faces

I only had Botox on my forehead area, and a tiny bit on the nose and brows I'm so happy with the results again. The Botox began to work after just one day and as the days went on it just kept getting better, Botox can take up to two weeks before you see the full results and it's now been a couple of weeks since my Botox procedure and the lines are gone! I'd highly recommend James Willis Faces if you are wanting to have a procedure like this done, James is so professional and relaxing I honestly can say I look forward to visiting the Clinic and I will visit again for other future treatments, Botox and Lip top ups too. Botox can last from 3-6 months although I have it done once a year and lips will also last about a year sometime a little longer so I shall be having both done again in a year or so. 

Check out James Willis Faces here, it is truly an amazing Clinic that I'd highly recommend and will continue to use.

Treatments James Willis Faces Provides: 

I hope you enjoyed this post from me this is something I have done for myself because it makes me feel better about myself. I thought it would be helpful if you are considering any of these procedures for yourself, if you have any questions leave them in the comments below, tweet or email me and I will be happy to answer!

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