Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Valentines with Morrisons & Get Ready With Me Video

Valentines in our house has always been quite a relaxed affair, Mark and I really enjoy spending the evening at home with a yummy meal, dessert and a movie it's much easier to do this instead of booking an evening out and to be honest the prices just seem to shoot up when you book a meal out on Valentines.. not that we don't like to treat ourselves but to be honest we just prefer time to ourselves in the comfort of our own home. In this post I wanted to talk you through my typical Valentines Day and what we like to get up to plus give you some ideas if you plan on staying in too.

First of all I always love to have a pamper, I run a relaxing bubble bath and use all of my favourite beauty products to really make me feel special there really is nothing like having a lovely bath and that feeling you get afterwards when you are just smelling beautiful and feeling gorgeous it really lifts my mood especially as a mummy and a pregnant lady! I then like to continue the pampering and move to my beauty room where I get dolled up for my evening, although we aren't going out I think it's still nice to make an effort and it's one part of the day I really enjoy so I usually grab some new makeup and some old favourites to really get glam and then pop on my favourite perfume along with a new outfit. 

When it comes to food I will admit I'm not the best cook however I do like to rustle up something different and delicious for a Valentines treat so this year I'm going to be making a wonderful meal from Morrisons, Morrisons offer meal deals for just £15 where you can basically choose a three course meal including refreshments and desserts to suit you the meal deal includes a starter, a main, one side, a dessert and a bottle of wine or a non-alcoholic alternative. I created a video showing you how I prepared this meal and I'm definitely going to grab another meal deal for Valentines Day this year because it was so easy and quick to put together and it also tasted delicious I honestly couldn't believe the quality and how easy it was to get from our local store along with treats, flowers and gifts. 

Check out my video below to see how we will be enjoying our Valentines Day this year, I hope it inspires you and you enjoy it. 

What have you got planned this Valentines day? 

*This post is in collaboration with Morrisons, all views and opinions are completely my own. 

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Friday, 5 February 2016

How to Rock a Red Lip this Valentines with Clinique

Valentines Day is almost here, have you got plans and a new outfit organised? I'm going to be spending the evening at home with Mark, a lovely meal and of course lots of yummy treats. If you've got all of your plans already arranged then how about your makeup? Today I wanted to share with you a few new products from Clinique and also give you a few of my top tips on how you can rock a red lip this Valentines Day. 

clinique sweet pop
how to wear a red lip exfoliate

First of all when wearing a red lip it's super important to prep, prep, prep! There is nothing worse than popping on a red lip and your lips are looking all dry and horrible, it's just not going to look cute. So my first tip would be to exfoliate the lips gently, to do this you can use the new Clinique Sweet Pots which I actually wrote a full review on here. These sweet pots are a two in one product because you get a balm and a lip scrub, use the lip scrub to exfoliate your lips and tissue off. If you want to be a little more abrasive then use a soft toothbrush to work the product into the lips and once you are done you will have a super soft, smooth base ready for application. 

clinqiue lip pop and sweet pot
clinique quickliner

Next it's time to line those lips, by lining the lips you are going to create the perfect lip line. You can also use the liner to make your lips appear slightly fuller by over lining slightly and it's just going to make everything look much neater. My top tip for getting the perfect shaped cupids bow is to draw an 'X' on the upper lip, this will really help to define the cupids bow and it's such an easy trick to do. I have used the Clinique quickliner in the shade 06 Intense Cranberry to achieve todays look and I absolutely love it, it has a really intense colour and excellent pigmentation along with being creamy and easily glides on the lips. 

clinique lip pop

Finally grab a lipstick in a similar shade to the lip liner used and fill in the lips, I used the Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer lipstick in the shade 07 Passion Pop this lippy provides a rich colour along with a smooth and nourishing formula. You can use a lip brush for a more precise application or if you are already a pro then apply straight from the bullet. It's as simple as that and if you are worried about wearing a bright red lip then why not go for a sheerer red gloss or even a tinted balm? 


What are your top tips when wearing a red lip? 

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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

New Bathroom || The After

new bathroom sanctuary
laura ashley clock
mira showers
big bathroom shop

Back in December our bathroom had a little makeover, you may remember back in July I entered a blog competition called My Dream Bathroom (view post here and old bathroom) to win a new bathroom and we actually won 2nd prize which was worth an amazing £1000 we received some vouchers to use on Tile Mountain and the Big Bathroom Shop and got to split the vouchers between each store, we managed to get some lovely pieces for our new bathroom. I was so excited to win because although our bathroom was never bad it wasn't something we were going to just do for the sake of it so winning this competition meant that I could give the bathroom a makeover on a minimal budget which was amazing especially at Christmas time! 

The overall layout of the bathroom hasn't changed as we were quite happy with how everything was set up however we have just updated the bathroom suite, tiles and added some extras to really make it special and I'm so happy with the outcome. I wanted it to be bright, modern, fresh and I really think we achieved that and I couldn't believe how quick it was to do. Once we got all of the pieces we needed the plumber came over and literally did everything within 3 days, pretty amazing considering our kitchen conversion took a few months! 

tile mountain tiles

When it came to picking the bathroom suite we didn't opt for a set, I chose each item individually from the bath to the toilet and vanity unit. We chose a soft close toilet which is very snazzy indeed and the bath is slightly bigger than our original one, the vanity unit was something I was most excited about because it has storage which is what we really lacked in our old bathroom. The doors are soft close also and I really adore the high gloss finish it's super swish and goes perfectly with the overall bathroom design.

tile mountain doblo tiles

I actually found picking the tiles a pretty hard task especially because we had to order online, I ordered so many sample cuts which was a great service that Tile Mountain offer. I'm so glad we ordered the samples because when it came to finishes and designs I really had no idea, I wanted something that would be easy to clean and I didn't want anything that would be too high maintenance so for the floor we went for the Doblo Matt Light Grey Porcelain tiles which are gorgeous I'm so happy with these tiles and even picked up some extra tiles to use in our hallway at some point. We also added some underfloor heating and oh my gosh this makes such a difference, our bathroom only ever had a large towel rail for heating so it got pretty chilly but now we have underfloor heating it's always nice and warm which is such a treat in the middle of the night when it's a bit chilly! For the wall tiles we chose the Velvet white wall tile which is again a pretty huge tile but I think it really acts as a feature piece and I adore the mix of grey and white in this tile, amazing quality and looks incredible.

mira showers honesty
honesty mire showers
mira shower

Onto fixtures and fittings, we desperately needed an update in this department because our old fixtures and fittings were pretty dated and I think that by simply updating these features it really makes a bathroom look modern and chic. All of our fixtures are from Mira Showers, our old shower was from Mira and we never had any problems so we wanted to make sure we got everything from there again this time round and after talking to the guys over at Mira we decided on the Mira Escape electric shower which looks fab, it has thermostatic temperature stability keeps showering safe for all the family which is perfect for us as Vinny likes to have a shower sometimes too and I also just love the contemporary design. 

For the taps and bath mixer we chose from the Honesty range which again is very contemporary and sleek, my favourite part about the tap and bath filler is that they both work amazingly well with low pressure. This was something I was a little concerned about as our bath taps are low pressure but we had nothing to worry about because these work a treat and fill the bath with ease and not too much of a wait. Everything we got comes in a chrome finish which I think looks perfect in our new bathroom, I'm in love!

laura ashley marble clock

Finishing touches have only just been done hence why the post is a little delayed after Christmas but I wanted to make sure it was going to be perfect and to be honest I wasn't too sure what I wanted but after a little online searching I came across some lovely key pieces that I feel really bring the bathroom together and makes it complete. After reading a few interiors blogs I came across an absolute bargain from Laura Ashley which is the Marble clock, can you believe this clock was reduced to just £13.50... I literally couldn't believe it and as a blogger you know I'm all about marble so it had to be done. I then grabbed some copper baskets and a mirror from Matalan which I've had so many compliments on already, I love how these just add a touch of colour to the room and I've actually kept things colour co ordinated by placing some of my favourite Sanctuary products into the baskets for that extra wow factor. 

Overall I'm so pleased with the outcome of our bathroom, it's one of my favourite rooms in the house now and I have to admit being pregnant it's very nice to be able to enjoy a lovely relaxing bubble bath in a swish, warm new bathroom I feel like I'm in a hotel! 

What do you think of our new bathroom? 

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Product Shots Olympus PEN E-PL7 with 45mm f/1.8 Lens & kit lens

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Monday, 1 February 2016

Clinique Sweet Pots

clinique sweet pots
clinique sweet pot review

Lip care is something I have really upped in my skincare routine this year and I have to say since taking more care it really has shown and lipstick application these days is much easier and lip products look so much nicer so today I wanted to tell you about a new product by Clinique that I've been trying out which may excite you too if you are into lip care like I am right now. 

The new Clinique sweet pots are indeed very sweet to look at, they look very much like Macaroons which are of course delicious so when I saw these I couldn't wait to give them a try. These sweet pots are not just your average lip balm, in fact they also have a lip scrub so it's the perfect duo for prepping your lips and also to pop in your bag for lip treatments on the go. 

The sugar scrub and lip balm duos currently come in 6 different shades, all very vibrant and fun but for those that don't like a lot of colour on the lips then these would be ideal for you because the colour pay off actually isn't as vibrant as the pot which for me was a nice surprise because I didn't really fancy wearing a bright orange lip or dark plum lip when it came to using the balms. These balms offer a subtle amount of colour and nourish the lips nicely, I tend to use it daily just to keep my lips well moisturised and also to prep before lipstick application.

The scrub itself is actually a lot more gentle than I had imagined it would be, you simply just rub on then tissue off and it's suggested that you use it unto 3 times a week for maximum results. To be honest I haven't used the scrub as much as I thought I would just because my lips haven't really needed it but I will use it when I fancy wearing a bold lip and really need to prep the lips beforehand, it's nice and gentle and not too abrasive. 

If you want to grab yourself a Sweet Pot you can buy them for £15 which for 2 products in 1 I don't think is too bad although it is more of a treat purchase and I have to say they do look very pretty on my vanity table overall a nice product and great idea, I think the scrub could be a little more gritty if they were to improve the formula in the future but the balm is ideal it's smooth and isn't sticky which I love and is what I look for in a lip balm. 


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Product Shots Olympus PEN E-PL7 with 45mm f/1.8 Lens

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Saturday, 30 January 2016

How to Feel More Confident

We are well into the New Year now and I'm wondering how your New Years resolutions are gong if you set them? New year, new goals, new me... Yes I do this every year and one goal I think a lot of us have is to be more confident. If you are one of those people that is naturally very confident then that is amazing but some of out there do struggle and it was something I struggled with a lot as a teenager so today I want to talk you through my top tips and some steps to take to create a new confident you for 2016.

Stop Comparing
First of all stop thinking about that girl you saw on Facebook, or that amazing model in the magazine I can assure you they probably have their down days too and often compare themselves, you are not alone and it's time to start focusing on yourself and how you can be the best you can be. 

Think Positive
Try and be positive, if you are feeling happier in yourself then this will translate and people will see a happier, more confident you. If you are having a day where you are not feeling too great or everything around you seems to be going wrong, think of a moment that has made you happy that week to keep you going or think about something you are looking forward to, it could be as little as a Saturday night in watching The Voice with family and friends or it could be a fab holiday you have planned. 

Fake it
Sometimes you just have to fake it, let me tell you now I am not the most confident person out there but the feedback I always get when I ask people what their first impressions of me were is that I was a confident happy person, happy I am but confident is not something I've always been. I've learnt to show that I am outgoing and confident by just standing up tall and really making my presence known. Tip: Stand up straight, don't hunch your shoulders because this will make you appear shy. By doing this you will be making yourself more approachable and more people will talk to you. 

Try a new look
Something about the way you look that you are not happy with? Change it, sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest impact on the way you are and the way you feel. It could be something as small as buying some new makeup to try, having a new hair cut or even undergoing a treatment you've always wanted like permanent makeup to really make you feel amazing and gorgeous. Something I plan on changing this year is my teeth, I wore braces as a child but stupidly didn't wear my retainers afterwards which caused my teeth to move and now I'm back to square one so after years of feeling unconfident about my smile I'm going to have them straightened again so I can smile with confidence. 

Say Yes 
Finally just start saying 'Yes', when you are an unconfident person it's very easy to shy away from people, events and anything you feel may take you out of your comfort zone. It's time to step out of the comfort zone and to start trying new things and experiences, trust me once you've said yes to that one event you really wanted to go to but were too scared to in the past you will feel exhilarated and so happy.... you'll probably want to go again which is great and you will have more confidence and learn new people skills. 

So that's it, my top tips and tricks on how to be a more confident, happy person. I hope these helped and if you are struggling with confidence at the moment please don't worry because you are not alone and hopefully these small steps will help you make some changes that will really help your confidence.

Do you struggle with confidence? If you are a naturally confident person do you have any tips to share?

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