Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Glasses Direct 7 Day Trial

glasses direct 7 day trial

I recently had my routine eye check through work and found out I need a new prescription, I've always had prescription glasses but haven't always worn them to be honest. I've noticed more and more recently though that my eyes aren't as good as they used to be and after having a move around in the living room and the sofa being further away from the TV I tend to squint a lot more so it's time I take care of my eyes and start wearing my glasses for TV and driving!

glasses direct 7 day trial
glasses direct 7 day trial

I was given the opportunity by Glasses Direct to do a free home trial, basically Glasses Direct offer a free 7 day home trial service where you can pick 4 different frames to try at home, kind of a try before you buy service which I think is really fantastic because you can always get such great offers online but I'm always usually a little wary of just buying frames before I've tried them just incase they don't suit me so by having this trial I was able to see which glasses suited me best and to my surprise it was the ones I thought wouldn't so it was actually really great to try and to see how they fit. Now I've picked the frames I like all I need to do is place the order online and wait for my new pair to arrive with the prescription, Ideal! 

glasses direct 7 day trial

As you can see the glasses I chose were all pretty similar, I opted for more tortoiseshell colours rather than blacks as I thought they would suit me better and I'm happy with the colours I chose. Some of the glasses are a little overpowering on my face such as the Scout Nation pair and Scout Siren but overall I'm very happy with my picks, I could have been a little more adventurous but I'm always so safe with my decisions. The pair I have chosen to go with are the London Retro Bakerloo glasses, I really love the design of these they are a little more quirky and I think they suit my face the best. 

Which did you like the most, have I made the right decision? 

Get your free 7 day trial from Glasses Direct here. 

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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Bedroom Updates // The Dream

My bedrooms current situation is pretty good but pretty simple, when we moved in we bought all of our larger furniture bits for the room then moved onto the next room. To be honest when decorating room it's quite overwhelming to actually complete it and do the final touches. I have found adding final touches to all of the rooms in our house the hardest mainly because I can never really stick to a 'theme' or know what goes with what when I think about it in my head so for todays post I want to talk to through a few things I'd love to change and add to our room to really make it a relaxing place that I enjoy being in. 

A new bed? We did buy a new bed when we moved in but I can't help but ooh and ahh over these super thick, padded beds with the buttoned details on the headboard. Our headboard is currently just plain which is nice as it's very simplistic but I do love the buttoned headboards as I think they looks super luxurious and chic. This Ashby Double Bed Frame from Furniture Village is the exact bed I'd buy if we were to buy again, it comes in 13 colours which is pretty incredible of course I'd go for the lightest they have which is the colour natural I just love the rooms in our house to have a light and airy feel about them and I think this would fit in perfectly I'm so obsessed with searching for fab new double beds ahh! 

On to things I'd like to add to the room that we don't already have, I need to get some bedside lamps actually. We kind of put off buying them or putting anything on the side tables because of Vinny but I can't live my whole life being so minimal just because I have a child so Vinny will have to learn what not to touch when they arrive. I'm thinking to getting some lovely crystal lamps as I think that would work really well, maybe with white or silver lamp shades something along those lines and I'd also like to pop some plants or flowers in the room to add some life and colour. Our room is currently quite simple, we have a gorgeous Laura Ashley grey and white wallpaper on the main wall and a huge mirrored wardrobe on the other and lots of white furniture so I think by adding some pretty plants would really be welcomed into the room and look great. 

Lastly I'd love to add some photos, as mentioned we do have one wall wallpapered but that's pretty much it so I'd love to add maybe three large square frames above our bed with maybe some black and white photos. I'm never really sure what sort of photos you'd put in a bedroom whether we just keep them as Mark and I or to add pictures of Vinny or to not have any of us at all?

Do you have a theme in your room? Specific photos or details, I'd love to know!

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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

BareMinerals // First Impressions

If you watched my video a couple of weeks ago New In || Products, thoughts and Mini Reviews  then you will probably remember me talking to you about a few BareMinerals products that I have been trying out over the past few weeks. I have never tried anything from BareMinerals before so I thought I'd put together a first impressions posts of the products I got to try and let you know my thoughts on them as I have been wearing them quite a lot recently I'm going to talk you through my thoughts on each of products and how I have been making them work for me. I won't lie to you, BareMinerals has never a brand I've been truly wowed by when I see it in places like House of Fraser, I usually tend to have a quick look and then walk on by. I never really understood the whole loose powder thing and just thought it was messy and that it wouldn't be very nice on the skin, little did I know that when I tried the brand I would fall in love so let's talk favourites first. 

Original SPF 15 Mineral Foundation (link) & Mineral Veil Finishing Powder (link)
These were two of the products I was most intrigued to try, I've heard so many great things about these products but I definitely didn't expect for them to work wonders on my skin. The low down on my skin type; I have combination skin, oily areas on the forehead, dry areas on the nose and chin then normal everywhere else it's a bit of a wildcard really so I have to be quite careful with the type of products I use. I tend to stay away from powder foundations as they tend to dry my skin out so when I tried the Original Mineral Foundation what do you think happened? Well I can tell you my dry skin didn't stand out like a sore thumb, in fact it seemed to disappear along with all my other blemishes! I was absolutely shocked to see how amazingly well this mineral powder hid my blemishes and it also made my skin look radiant and glowy! I was totally shocked but excited at the same time, I love to apply this in layers and it usually ends up being just two thin layers then I add a little more with a smaller brush onto any blemishes I still need to hide. 

I don't really feel I need to set this but If I'm off out I will add the Mineral Veil Finishing Powder to set and I'm good to go. The Mineral Veil Finishing powder didn't really wow me initially when used alone but when paired up with the foundation I fell in love, it's light weight and gives and airbrushed finished which is perfect for nights out or special events. I have the original shade but there are 3 other finishes to choose from; illuminating, hydrated , and tinted, I think I'd like to get the illuminating version next as I'm all about glowing skin so think this would work a treat.

Complexion Rescue (link)
When you think of BareMinerals do you just think of powder products too? Well think no more because they also do liquid products and lots of other treats. Complexion Rescue is a new launch from BareMinerals and it is a tinted hydrating gel cream, it's basically a BB, CC cream and tinted moisturiser in one featuring all of their best bits. This works perfectly on 'no makeup' makeup days, it's super lightweight adds a touch of cover to even out the complexion and my favourite part is how hydrating and cooling it is on the skin, I use the shade Vanilla and what I really love is that there are 10 other shades to choose from. It's oil free and fragrance free so if you are quite a sensitive sole then there is nothing to worry about here, oh and if you are off on holiday soon then this is one to pack as it has SPF 30 in it! Holiday makeup sorted!

Well Rested Eye Brightener (link)
I have been using Well Rested as a highlighter/brightener on the tops of my cheek bones, above the brow bone and on the inner corner/tear duct area of the eyes. When researching how to use this product I did come across a tip to apply this under the eyes but I like to apply it anywhere I'd usually add a highlighter, I find this works best for me and it works really well before or after foundation so a really nice, quick and easy pick me up product that brightens and lifts with just one application.

Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss (link)
The last product I have been trying from Bare Minerals is the Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in the shade Ring Leader. BareMinerals promise fuller and a more voluptuous pout when using these glosses including naturally-derived Shea, Avocado and Murumuru butters help to deeply hydrate and smooth lips while an infusion of minerals revitalises lips for a healthy-looking pout. I have to say I really love the applicator wand on this gloss, it hugs the lips completely and applies beautifully and the gloss itself is really nice too a sheer-to-medium coverage and non stop glistening shine it also has a really nice cooling feeling on the lips which is lovely! Perfect to wear over lipsticks or alone, a really nice gloss and a whole bunch of colours to choose from. 

So there you have it, lot's of products and all pretty impressive I'm absolutely amazed and so happy with my first lot of BareMinerals Products and I'm now super excited to try more. 

I'd love to know your favourite products from the brand and why you love them so much! 

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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Body Shop // Spa of the World

Let me introduce you to the amazing Spa of the World range by The Body Shop, this is a luxury range focused on the ancient beauty rituals form all over the world, from Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay to Thai Lemongrass Massage Oil. They tempt you to relax at home and spoil yourself as you send yourself around the spa of the world. You all know I love a bath so when these three products popped through my letterbox I couldn't wait to put them to the test, these are pure luxury from The Body Shop and everything from the packaging to the product itself is just right. 


This scrub is like no other, I'm usually a fan of quite harsh body scrubs that will always ensure I have no skin left after... or no more fake tan I mean but that usually leaves my skin red raw and pretty tender so to try this African Ximena Scrub I was delighted, this scrub has been created to leave your skin smoother and softer it is also a part of the Relaxing Ritual which is what I'm all about when I have a bath as you all know it's the only time I get to have that 'me' time. The scent is actually my favourite of them all a very fresh and clean scent that is pretty and feminine still and once worked into the skin I find the fruit seeds tend to dissolve away and really works at moisturising the skin it's a really beautiful product. 

This powder to milk bath product was inspired by Cleopatra herself the recipe of three oil extracts leaves skin feeling luxuriously smooth and is a dream to use. I have never actually used a product like this before I usually stick to bubble baths or bath bombs but this has a whole new vibe about it, very calming and soothing at the same time. I pop 5 scoops into the bath with the cute wooden scoop provided and it turns my bath into a milky bath of dreams. My skin instantly feels smoother and the fragrance is so relaxing, it really is beautiful. 

From the revitalising ritual we have the Thai Lemongrass massage oil, this is the perfect oil to apply after a long, and hard working day it has a very uplifting and invigorating scent. I like to just apply this to my pressure points after a bath such as the wrists, and temples and I also like to use this for a few other things aswel. This oil also works wonders on the cuticles and also on your body and hair, simply work into the skin and leave to be left with super soft skin or even work into the hair pre wash 
for a mask or post wash to tame, a really great multi use product that is very uplifting also! 

If you are looking for luxury yet affordable bath products then I'd highly recommend The Body Shop Spa of the World products, there is a whole range to discover and other rituals also such as Blissful and the quality of the products are incredible not to mention the look of them is rather luxurious too! A great bunch of products, I have now added the body clay to my shopping list when I am next in town it's a must! 

You can shop the whole of the Spa of the World range at The Body Shop here. 

Have you tried any of these yet, any you have your eye on? 

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Friday, 21 August 2015

6 Things that Make me Feel Amazing!

I was reading through Kirsties post the other day from A Yellow Brick Blog called 6 products that give me an instant confidence boost  and I thought what a great idea for a post so thanks to Kirstie I have been inspired to create my own post that features products and regimes that make me feel better about myself on a weekly basis. This is more of a routine and happens weekly as I start to feel a little drab so let me talk you through my pamper, confidence boost essentials. 

Fresh Hair & a Blow Dry! 
Oh lordy, if you know me well then you will know I am very lazy when it comes to my hair and that's part of the reason I had it chopped off into a lob! Even though I've had it cut I'm still pretty lazy and tend to wash it twice a week and after one of those washes I will treat my hair to a cheeky blow dry, I usually do this on a Thursday or Friday so my hair is looking fresh and pretty for the weekend. 

Tan, Tan, and more Tan
I love a bit of self tan every now and again, I would probably say that in the Summer I can tan upto 3 times a week if I have something special on or just want to look extra tanned. My ultimate favourite and fool proof go-to tanning brand is Cocoa Brown Tan, I use the Dark tanning mousse and what I love so much about this is that once applied you don't feel sticky and can go to bed feeling 'normal' if that makes sense and wake up in the morning looking beautifully bronzed. I also use the Gentle Bronze lotion to keep the tan topped up and to ensure it wares off evenly... I'm quite addicted to Marissas Snaps on Snapchat and if you follow her to I bet you want to start Tontouring (contouring the face with tan) Something I need to try asap! 

A Lovely Bubble Bath 
I have never enjoyed baths so much, when you become a mother and get the opportunity to have a baby free/husband free moment to yourself you definitely make the most of it and a bubble bath is the perfect tine for just that. I love to gather all of my favourite pamper products, light some candles, grab my iPad and catch up on new YouTube videos, the time goes pretty quick but my oh my I feel amazing afterwards it is literally bliss.

New PJs!
I'm a pyjama addict I buy new jimmy jams probably on a monthly basis... my addiction used to be a lot worse and I used to buy weekly but since having Vinny I don't have the luxury of being able to try them on these days and often buy the wrong sizes meaning they just end up in the airing cupboard for years on end. Seriously though new pyjamas make me so happy! I have recently just received a new pair of PJs from Cyberjammies and oh gosh these take comfort to a whole new level, I've been on the look out for comfortable loungewear and these fit in perfectly, the material is uber comfortable and the colour is just perfect for Autumn/Winter... I'm addicted! 

Full Cover Foundation 
A rather random one, you may find it hard to believe being a beauty blogger and all I actually wear very little makeup on a daily basis I pretty much apply a tinted moisturiser or even just moisturiser in the morning and I'm done so when I actually do my makeup properly and pop on a full cover foundation I instantly feel glam and more put together. I always finish this off with some bronzer and highlighter and no matter how the rest of my makeup looks as long as my complexion is looking amazing I feel great.

Little Vinny
Luckily I get to be with my little boy every day and each day he just comes out with the most priceless phrases and does the funniest things, Vinny now talks to me all the time and often comes out with 'love you mummy' probably because I always call him even if we are out in a shop and say 'love you Vinny' (creepy mum alert) he always replies back and he is just the sweetest little boy, he definitely makes me feel special if I'm feeling a little crappy or sad. 

What things, routines, or people make you feel amazing if you are feeling a little meh? 

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