Thursday, 30 October 2014

Ray Bans Giveaway

I have been obsessed with sunglasses for quite a while and always find myself lusting after Ray bans, after having a little browse online I have fallen head over heels for the 4171 Erika glasses I've always loved the typical aviator style ray Bans but the Erikas are just gorgeous. These are still my typical style I like to wear, this year I have changed to more rounded retro glasses I think they really suit my face shape and it's a nice change from the huge Diva style glasses I used to wear. Ray Bans really cater to all with a huge selection of styles and colours there's something for everyone, I love the mirrored glasses they are so fabulous for Summer. 

Theses Erika glasses are from the Sunglasses shop , they have a huge selection of Ray bans and also feature a huge number of other luxury brands such as Celine, Chanel and Tom Ford. Today I have been given the opportunity to give away a pair of Erikas of your choice to one of my fabulous readers so get entering.. you could be the lucky one! 

To enter all you have to do is fill in the Raflecopter below, mandatory entries are;
Like the Sunglasses Shop on Facebook (Link here)
Leave a comment below stating which Erikas you'd like (View styles here) 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck! The Giveaway will last 2 weeks and I shall Tweet the winner!

Christmas Gift Guide with Joules | For Mum

It's Halloween Eve and I'm ready for Halloween to be over already, what's making me happy right now is the thought of Christmas so today I thought I'd put together a gift guide for all the lovely mummies out there, I have to admit my mum is pretty hard to buy for so I always end up buying things I'd like because she pretty much always ends up loving it which is a bonus. 

Pyjamas are always something I love to receive for Christmas, who doesn't love putting on a new pair of cosy PJ's? Whenever I ask mother what she'd like for Christmas she always says oh just get me a couple of pairs of Primark pyjamas, there's only so many times you can get Primark PJ's for Christmas so these luxury ones from Joules would be a right treat. I adore the floral print and they style is my favourite style to wear, comfy and cosy! Something else my mum has a weakness for is scarfs, whenever she spots me wearing a new scarf she instantly asks me where I got it and tries it on in the mirror. It's definitely where I have got my scarf addiction from, it's clearly in my genes I love this red floral scarf it's super wintery and very chic. 

Ah jewellery, every lady loves to receive a piece of jewellery for Christmas right? I know I do, I love this modern twist on pearls with the bracelet the dual colour aspect really modernises it and I think it's super pretty gift, I also love that Joules sells gift boxes. I hate wrapping pieces of jewellery if it doesn't come in a box so I'd definitely buy one of those too. 

Finally more floral gorgeousness, I'm getting a little predictable here but we all need a new diary for the new year don't we so why not get this gorgeous floral one. I actually think I'm going to pick one of these up for myself and mother, she'd love this. It's the perfect idea for stocking fillers don't you think? If you really want to splash out and give mum a pamper the last gift is a gorgeous weekend bag of pampering brilliance, the set includes; body wash, body scrub, bath soak, body lotion and hand cream not to mention that gorgeous bag! 

I hope you enjoyed this Christmas post, it's the first of many! 

Have you started to buy gifts yet? I have!

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

My Top 5 AW Lip Shades

AW makeup really excites me, it's an opportunity to wear deeper berry shades and really vamp things up, I adore the vampy look and I thought it was about time I shared my favourite shades for AW. I love lipsticks so much and I also love a bold lip although I rarely rock one. I'd love to think I could and when I do decide to brave it these are the shades that are going to be top of my picks!

Mac Lipstick | Diva
This is new to my collection but it was love at first sight, never did I think I'd love such a dark shade but it's absolutely gorgeous on and has a slight matte finish to it. The blue undertones make your teeth look so white which is something I look for in a lipstick, I think with such a dark shade I may need to purchase a lip liner as there is no room for mistake with this colour! This was sent to me from Fragrance Direct, did you know they now stock Mac?! A lot is sold out at the moment but keep an eye out as I imagine it will all be back soon.

Nars Lip Pencil | Majella
I adore this lip pencil, it has a satin finish which is just so gorgeous and it's the perfect party shade. It glides on like a dream and feels super moisturising on the lips too, a great shade for Halloween because it's such a Blood Red colour.

MUA Lip Crayon | Broken Hearted
I purchased this last weekend as a spare of the moment thing, I had bought a couple of items from Superdrug and it was 3 for 2 so It was kind of an impulse buy but it's actually a really pretty shade. More of a balm lip product but as you can see it builds up to a pretty pink/plum shade, the perfect day lippy.

Bourjois Lipstick | 31 Beige Shooting
Ooh these Bourjois lipsticks are an ultimate favourite of mine, Beige Shooting is a pretty beige/pink that gives you that Kylie Jenner Lip with a touch more pink. I'm not really a fan of the brown matte 90s shade that everyone is raving about so this is a great alternative if you prefer pink shades to nudes/browns. A lovely lipstick that glides on, is super moisturising and lasts pretty well too.

Loreal | Juliannes Red 
Another purchase from the weekend, I had seen these on so many blogs recently and was so happy with Juliannes Nude I had to pick up her red too. This has more of a matte finish and is super pigmented, I will say this colour does stain the lips slightly so if your looking for a long lasting cherry red then this is for you.

What are your favourite AW Shades?

Sunday, 26 October 2014

YouTube | Liza where have you been?

Many have been asking and wondering why I haven't uploaded to YouTube for a while so I finally got round to filming a video and explained myself a little. Videos will be coming very soon so if you have any requests, mummy, beauty or lifestyle related do let me know so I can jot them down and same for blog posts. I'd love to know what your favourite posts are from me and what you'd like to see more of. 

Hope your all having a lovely Sunday and enjoyed your extra hour in bed this morning, Vinny had other ideas and got us up an hour early today so I'm feeling a little tired now and so is he so he is now napping! Cheeky boy. 

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Who to Follow on Instagram

I love Instagram! I have to admit Instagram is one of the first Social media accounts I check first in the mornings, I have seen quite a few 'Who to follow on Instagram' posts lately and I really love the idea of finding new people to find so I thought I'd share a few of my favourites. I follow many people from fashion and beauty to health and fitness so here are my top 5 to follow. 

Desi is a super talented Makeup Artist/Youtuber she creates some gorgeous looks that are always on point, I'm obsessed with this chick and have even taken her pictures to my hairdressers to try and re create her gorgeous ombre locks and to my beautician because her brows are out of this world!

Yes I'm slightly obsessed with looking for new hairstyles at the moment and hair colours too so where do I head for inspiration? Of course Nicky Lazou! Nicky is new to the YouTube world and is an amazing talented Hairdresser based in Birmingham she creates absolutely beautiful hair styles and colours not to mention her style is adorable. I'm in love!

I have been following Jade for quite some time now and have been reading her blog ever since I found her on Instagram, Jade is a beautiful blonde bombshell with impeccable style. Jade is currently pregnant and her story is just beautiful, I love following her journey and I can't get over how flawless she looks day in day out!

Here is another beautiful lady with fabulous style, Cara is a mummy of two beautiful boys whom she also likes to include in her blog posts which I adore. I love following this account because it also inspires me with Vinny and my own style, another beautiful lady you need to follow. 

My last favourite is more a bit of a random one, I love following weight loss accounts and fitness accounts on Instagram because having their healthy pictures in my feed inspires me to put the chocolate bar down and get healthy. Alanas is a truly inspirational slimmer who has lost over 5 stone since April 2013! Her transformation is incredible so I love this account for slimming inspo! 

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my current Instagram Favourites, I'd love to know who yours are whether it's beauty, fashion, mummy or fitness related! I'm always looking for new accounts to follow. 

If you'd like to check out my Instagram it's @lizaprideaux come say hi! 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Sienna X | Q10 Bronzing Mousse Review

It's been a little while since I spoke tanning on my blog hasn't it? If your a regular reader of Glambeautys you'll know I am a fully qualified Spray Tan Technician although I don't offer a spray tanning service from home anymore, I still ofcourse love to stay tanned and I'm always trying out new tanning products that are on the market and todays is from a brand I actually researched when looking for professional spray tanning solutions and kits. Sienna X is a brand most known for it's spray tanning solution and services but they also have products you can use at home and newest to the family is the Sienna X Q10 Bronzing Mousse, as you know mousses are my favourite type of tan so let me tell you how I got on. 

The packaging first of all is very swish, I love the gold exterior with that dash of pink.. I'm a girly girl at heart so pink and gold makes me very happy. I also noticed that the bottle is slightly larger than my usual tanning products, it contains 250ml of tan which is a great amount and will go such a long way with it being a mousse formula. The mousse formula itself is lovely, it comes out like a thick whipped cream texture and it also has a colour guide when applied to the skin. When I first applied this product to my skin I thought 'wow look at the colour already!' it was super brown, streak free and reminded me of my old spray tan days when I'd have an uber dark spray tan and instantly looked like I had been on holiday for two weeks so this excited me immensely. I have to admit this mousse is a little stickier than others I have tried and it does take a little longer for the tackiness to go but once it's gone your left with a golden glow that doesn't smell too bad either quite sweet in fact, the mousse contains many natural ingredients such as; blackcurrent, babassu and pomegranate. 

So whats been happening when I was the tan off? Ah the dreaded shower time after tanning, I always worry I'm going to wash all my tan away the day after application but this tan was still nicely in tact and once washed off I was left with a gorgeous golden glow that looked natural yet deep. I am very happy with this tan and shall continue to use it, the Vitamin E ingredient keeps my skin well moisturised and pro longs the tan, it lasts about 4-5 days before I need to top up which is about average for me and the Q10 anti-ageing ingredient can't be bad either! 

Have you ever thought about becoming a spray tan technician or entering the beauty industry?  If you are looking to follow in my footsteps take a look at the courses offered by Capital Hair and Beauty they have a wide range of beauty courses from Spray Tanning to full makeup courses, that's something I'd love to do!


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