Sunday, 21 September 2014

Benefit Majorette | #CHEEK2CHEEK TAG

Hello pretty ones, I hope your all well. I was recently sent some blush goodies by Benefit, the package contained one of my favourite Benefit Blushes, Sugarbomb and a new blush that has just been created by Benefit called Majorette. As you all know Benefit send the best packages and I am so lucky to receive them, inside the box along with all the other goodies there was a info card and on the back of it included a tag called #CHEEK2CHEEK so I thought it would be fun to do today and I also want to tell you a little about Majorette and my thoughts on the new product. 

1. How do you apply Majorette? 
I like to apply this cream to powder blush by using my Zoeva cream blush brush, this brush picks up just enough product to apply to the cheeks and it blends beautifully on the skin. I also find that it works well if I want to build more colour and makes applying the blush more than once great, it works well and doesn't take away any makeup I've already applied. 

2. What Box O'Powder do you wear Majorette with? 
Well as mentioned I was kindly sent Sugarbomb in my surprise package, this blush has been working well with Majorette because they are similar tones but I don't feel it's essential as I have been mainly wearing Majorette alone because I find I can build up enough intensity with the one blush alone. It's such a gorgeous colour. 

3. What's your top tip for beautiful cheeks? 
Always add a pretty blush to bring some life into your face, pretty flushed cheeks creates a youthful look and really makes you look healthy too. I'd also recommend applying a cream blush for that extra dewy glow. 

4. What's your cheekiest nail colour? 
Hmm I don't own a huge amount of nail colours but I did actually apply a No7 shade the other day and it's called Cheeky Chops! It's a pretty coral pink shade that's super gorgeous. 

5. What's the cheekiest thing you've done? 
I couldn't really think of anything cheeky that I've done recently so I asked my husband.... he said there are many things one of which is that I'm a secret eater and often hubby leaves chocolate or sweets in the cupboard for when he gets home and when he goes to eat it its gone... thanks to me! I also make him lie on my side of the bed in the Winter to warm it up before I get in then make him move over to his cold side when I'm ready to get toasty! 

6. Who's the cheekiest person you know? 
Hands down my son Vinny, he is the cheekiest little monkey! 

7. Who's cheeks would you peak at if you could? 
Cheek, cheeks? Bradley Cooper! 

8. What cheeky movie character do you most like? 
Austin Powers! Hilarious cheeky character. 

9. Have you ever rubbed cheeks with a celebrity? 
Sadly no, although I did meet Mickey Norcross and a few other TOWIE cast members at my Hen do. Mickey actually treated me to a VIP Hen Night at the Sugarhut which I didn't expect at all, I had an amazing time! 

10. Your favourite cheeky song? (Basically a guilty pleasure)
Oh gosh I love all cheesy music I couldn't pick just one but If I was singing at the Karaoke trust me I'd be singing the cheesiest song out there. 

11. Who do you 'Pass the Baton to' (TAG)?
I tag you all! 

I hope you enjoyed this tag, it was a pretty hard one to answer actually! If you haven't tried Majorette yet I'd recommend checking it out. The new unique packaging is absolutely adorable and I love, love, love the colour, it also smells divine. You can wear this pretty pink/peach shade alone or as mentioned above with another blush of your choice for that extra va va voom. Definitely my favourite Benefit blush so far, the unique formula adds a pretty sheen to the skin leaving a gorgeous natural finish that is dewy and adds that instant healthy glow. 

Have you tried Majorette yet? 

Thursday, 18 September 2014

OOTD | Fun Fair Chic

Hello everyone! First of all I want to apologise for the lack of blog posts this month, I have found it quite hard to get back into blogging after having a bit of a break so rather than force myself to write I have just been writing as and when I feel and want to. I don't want blogging to ever feel like a chore so this is why I've had a little break and it's been lovely. I hope you have all been well and have had a great Summer, I'm super excited about AW and must get shopping for my AW wardrobe. I have a lot I need to buy and of course many coats, is it just me or do you find every time winter comes around your looking for a new coat or five!? 

Today I thought I'd share with you my OOTD, we went to the fun fair this evening which was absolutely fantastic, we took Vinny last year but he was too small to understand but this year with him being 18 months old he gets the rides and the atmosphere it was so great to see the pure joy on his face when he went on each ride. Let me tell you once he went on one ride that was it, he had to go on every one! So so funny, it was his first time on a ride like that on his own and he was loving it bless him. I can't wait to take him again, we will definitely go on Saturday that's for sure. 

I went for a pretty simple outfit with some pops of colour here and there, you all know I love my River Island Mollie Jeans so they were a must, I just find them so comfortable and they go with everything. I then paired it up with a nice floaty cami from Dorothy Perkins I love this top so much it's super comfortable to wear and I adore the mixture of corals, creams and of course black. I opted for this Route 66 Biker Jacket* from Great Plains, this is such a great transitional piece for those chillier evenings although it was actually pretty hot so took it off for most of the night. I think I will be getting a lot of wear out of this jacket this Autumn, you all know I love a biker jacket and I believe it is sixth or seventh in my collection. I'd definitely recommend Great Plains for fab AW Jackets and coats! 

Lastly I wore some cream pumps from Primark, you seriously can't beat Primark for a great pair of pumps. I always get compliments on these and I adore the gold buckle detail I think it's very chic and makes them look rather expensive. No need for a change bag this evening, I used my pretty new gorgeous Folli Follie bag which I have been dying to take out with me, it's called the Heart4Heart Shoulder bag*. I absolutely love this bag, the colour, the style, everything! It's still big enough for me to bring Vinnys and my essentials which is ideal and it's super stylish, I particularly love the rose gold detailing on the front clasp it's perfect. 

I hope you enjoyed this rare outfit post, let me know if you'd like to see more and I'd also love to know what you've been upto lately! 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Bourjois Rouge Edition 12 Heures Lipstick

Lipsticks are one product that the high street does particularly well, I don't think you need to spend a huge amount on lipsticks because there is such an amazing selection of shades, and finishes on the high street for such an amazing price. Bourjois, one of my favourite high street brands have just introduced 6 new shades to the Rouge Edition Collection and these 12 Heures Lipsticks are absolutely gorgeous not to mention perfect for AW14!

The most exciting part of this launch is the relaunch of a much requested shade which was sadly discontinued in 2007, Pamplemousse was originally brought out back in 2000 and is a frosted coral shade which was so popular in the past Bourjois just had to bring it back along with some fabulous new shades. The new 12 hour formula in enriched with shea butter and colour-fixing silk powders giving a long lasting finish and moisturising feel to the lips. I have tried a few of these shades out already and I have to say the formula is gorgeous, it's super long lasting and the colours are so pigmented not to mention the semi-matte finish is giving off that perfect 90s vibe that I'm all about at the moment. 

The shades themselves are pretty spectacular from nude beiges to gorgeous berry reds I am absolutely in love, I have to say my favourite shade is 30 Prune Afterwork. As you may have guessed I am loving that 90's lip at the moment, I think we all are after seeing a certain Kardashian absolutely kill it so to keep up with the trend I have been opting for this shade the most it's so stunning and I can't wait to show you the rest of the collection in future videos and makeup posts! 

Are you excited for this new launch from Bourjois? The 6 new shades will be available to purchase this October!

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Beauty Works 18" Deluxe Remy Instant Clip-In Hair Extensions

I love hair extensions, always have always will. My favourite type to wear are wefts but recently I have found myself putting down my super long 22" wefts and opting for these Beauty Works 18" Clip-Ins and I've been getting on really well with them. First of all I use these to add volume mainly so the fact that there are only three wefts to apply is great,  It definitely makes application a lot quicker and easier for me. Whilst we are talking application the clips themselves are really secure and don't slide off the hair either which is also fantastic, I think when buying new extensions it's really important to buy a set with good clips because sometimes no matter how much backcombing and preparation you do the clips still slide out. I find with these Beauty Works extensions I don't need to back comb at the root, the clips stay secure and grab onto my hair nicely. 

The wefts themselves are super thick, there is 140g of Remy hair included in the set which is a pretty hefty amount great for those with thicker hair or for those wishing to add volume. I have pretty thick hair so it was great to see how well these blended as this is often a problem for me with some other brands. As you can see these extensions can be styled with heat due to them being 100% Remy Human Hair, with these being more expensive than the average hair extensions these days I must stress that these will last very long too so it works out better in the long run as long as you look after them as you would your own hair keeping them stored away nicely and making sure you wash and condition them. 

Overall I have been really enjoying using these extensions the colour match is great I was matched up to Malibu Blonde in the end, I was a little worried about this because of my ombre/roots but it blends in perfectly with the ends which is what I was after. The quality of the hair is amazing and I also love the fact that they come with a blunt cut, a lot of the time extensions come with quite whisspy ends which is something I hate and always have to take them to the hairdressers to get them tidied up and presentable but there's no need with these because they already come with a salon ready style that looks healthy, sexy and gorgeous! 

I'd love to know if you've tried any Beauty Works Sets before and what you think of these. 

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Pamper Essentials | The Face Mask | GIVEAWAY

Despite being quite lazy when it comes to skincare I do love a face mask and it's always something that makes me feel pampered and my skin fresh and clean. Today I want to share with you three masks that I have been using lately and why they are all so fabulous.

I reach for this mask when my skin is looking a little tired, and red. I often get red patches and blotchiness and this mask has been created to combat that. The mushroom ingredient is used in traditional Chinese medicine to target the root of the inflammation and redness. I have enjoyed using this face mask because it reduces redness and blotchiness on my face without feeling to harsh on the skin. There is quite a strong herbal scent which isn't my favourite but the mask itself does give great results and the formula is thick and creamy making it a dream to apply and full of luxury. I also really love how cooling the mask is once applied, I'm not a fan of self heating masks because for me I like that refreshing cool feeling once I've taken the mask off and this gives just that. This is a great mask for those that suffer with red/blotchy skin and for those with quite dry skin too because it's very moisturising too. I like to pair this up with the Origins Mega-Mushroom Face Lotion* to complete my pamper regime and this also works well to combat any redness which may be left and really helps to keep my skin well hydrated and supple.

I can't write a face mask post without including Montagne Jeunesse can I? I remember buying these as a teenager and thinking this was the only brand that ever did masks, Montagne Jeunesse have such a huge range of masks ready for all skin types. I have the Red Earth Clay Spa Mask which is an unfold mask which is something I've never tried before, it was a rather pleasant experience and left my skin feeling fresh and energised. The fragrance of this mask was much with a mix of cinnamon, and pomegranates it gave a hint of spice with a fruity punch which was really delicious and actually rather yummy. It's definitely a fab budget mask that leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated! 

Last but not least we have a product that has spoken about quite a lot in the beauty blogging world with lots of rave reviews and delightful words said about it. The REN Flash 1 Minute Facial is more of a treatment rather than a once a week type mask, this is to be applied 3 times a week and left on for 10 minutes at a time and I have done just that so let me tell you what I think. First of all this magical mask is meant to re-energise the skin, reduce the appearance of lines and tone/firm the skin. The texture of this is a weird one, it comes out a little bit like toothpaste with super fine gritty particles but once applied on to the skin the grittiness dissolves and the mask gets to work. I apply this with dry hands then massage it in with wet finger tips to make the Vitamin C work, the Vitamin C ingredient has to be activated with water so make sure you do that step and feel the magic happen. Once washed off you instantly feel revitalised and I defiantly noticed a reduction in lines, my skin looked and felt smoother it was quite odd but lovely. I used this over a week and for the three days recommended and my skin was looking a lot fresher and dare I say younger by the end of it, I know I'm only 25 but my skin has definitely aged quite a bit since having a baby I blame the newborn sleepless nights! Overall this was my favourite mask and lucky for you I have been given the chance to give one away to one of my readers! 

To win a REN Flash 1 Minute Facial with Look Fantastic all you need to do is follow this link and enter your email address, it's as simple as that! 

Good Luck! 

What is your favourite pampering face mask? I'd love to know!

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