Friday, 24 April 2015

5 Ways To Teach Children About Money

Use Cash
If your using your card whilst shopping your little one isn't really going to understand the importance of money and how much things cost. When your at the checkout hand over the notes to your child tell them how much it's going to cost and show them how much to hand over to the cashier, they will feel so grown up and proud it's an exciting moment for them! 

We all have to work for our money right? Teaching your little one ways they can earn can be quite difficult at younger ages but depending on your child's age you can give him or her some tasks to help around the house to help them earn a few pennies. Ensure these tasks are things they can do with ease; tidy up their toys, make the bed or clearing the table. This is going to make them realise that money doesn't grow on trees and that we all have to do some work to earn it. 

When I was younger I used to love playing games with my cousins we'd set up role play games such as working in shop or in a school and play with pretend money to buy and sell things, creating fun games are a great way to interact with your child teach them basic money skills and basic mathematics. There are a number of ways you can do this; online games, videos, board games and role play! 

Now they've started to learn a little about money, they know how to spend it and even earn it but how about savings and the importance of saving? I think it's a great idea to get your child a current account opened as soon as they can, there are Under 19s current accounts which can be opened from as young as 11 which is great and it will really give them a sense of responsibility and they can actually start earning some interest for their hard earned cash, start saving for big toys and see their money grow! 

Spend Smart
OK our little ones definitely know how to spend mummy and daddies money but when it comes to their own you want to show them how far it will actually go and how to spend smarter. It's important to show them that they can't buy the whole shop in one trip and to show them how to make their money last longer; buying smaller toys, less sweets, own brands and even shopping the sales! Hey we all do it right?!

I hope these 5 tips have inspired you to help your little one learn about money. Have you got any tips for teaching children the importance of money and how to be sensible?  I'd love to know your tips! 

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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

50 Things that make me happy

1. A cup of tea with Almond Milk, 3 sweeteners and chocolate!
2. When I have a good skin day
3. When my hair is straight (it makes me feel normal) 
4. When Vinny says 'Love you mummy' 
5. Going into Vinnys room at night and putting the covers on him, I adore it when he moves about half asleep and chats to me. 
6. Non scale victories
7. Cami tops
8. Breakfast, I always have 2 chocolate Weetabix, Almond Milk, Raspberries and a Banana! 
9. Black skinny jeans
10. Watching our wedding DVD, we always fast forward to the dancing at the end it's hilarious!
11. Breaking Bad.. seriously if you haven't seen it you need to!
12. Dexter.. it's our new obsession since finishing Breaking Bad
13. Ru Pauls Drag Race
14. Pregnancy, I loved being pregnant with little Vin
15. When my tan is on point!
16. When my brows are freshly groomed, makeup looks so much better!
17. A Pink Nude lip
18. My Louis Vuitton Speedy B 25
19. Blonde hair
20. Pinterest
21. When someone gives my YouTube video a thumbs up
22. Blogging
23. YouTube
24. New photography equipment and gadgets!
25. When Mark brings me home treats (usually food.. always food)
26. My iPhone.. I have a problem
27. Instagram
28. Conversations with Vinny, we have such a giggle!
29. Makeup!
30. Freshly coloured hair
31. Pamper night
32. When Mark cooks
33. New Pyjamas (I used to buy new PJ's every week!)
34. Going to a stationary shop, heaven! 
35. It's Christmas time!
36. Thinking about the week I was due to have Vinny and the time we had in hospital beforehand with Mark and my mum. We had many evenings playing cards and having lots of laughs, we even got told off by the nurse! 
37. Vinnys birth, although pretty traumatic it was magical at the same time
38. Bed time, I love sleep! 
39. Getting ready for a night out (my favourite part of the night, I often joke that I'm going to get ready then sit and watch Saturday night TV)
40. When I go in my new kitchen
41. American Food
42. Shellac
43. Genuine people
44. Taking photos of my little family
45. London, I love this place!
46. Going to the theatre, we have seen We Will Rock You, Dirty Dancing, Thriller, Jersey Boys and Phantom of the Opera Twice! 
47. Vegas.. best times!
48. My wedding rings
49. My family 
50. My blogging pals 

Thanks for tagging me Mrs Meldrum, I now tag Alex , Kerry, Hayley and anyone else that would like to do this! 

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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Benefit Do The Hoola Kit // Review, Before & After Photos

Oh what do we have here, a new travel kit by Benefit of course featuring a few of my favourite products and plus a newbie too! This kit is perfect for those that like to travel light and have all of their bronzing essentials in one place, there are a few Benefit favourites in this kit; Hoola, Hoola Gloss, They're Real Mascara, Bene Balm and a new product Dew the Hoola. One thing I really love about this kit is the new packaging for Hoola bronzer, usually it comes in a black thin plastic case one that's a little flimsy and not that great for travel but the new version comes in a thicker plastic case that stays securely closed when in your makeup bag it's much better and made with a little more quality which is nice to see. 

On to the main attraction of the set and that's Dew the Hoola, this product won't be launching alone until next year some time but the great news is that you can buy this set and give it a try that way along with all of the other staple products. Dew the Hoola is a matt liquid formula that helps to warm up the complexion without being to overpowering or too dark, it's a great product to wear alone over the whole face or you can pop it over your foundation on the areas you just want to tan a little more, I have used this where I'd usually contour then set it in place with Hoola powder and I really love the finished look it's added just enough warmth to my face and also given it a beautiful natural glow. 

Overall I have been loving this kit and I have been loving Dew the Hoola, I'd say it's one for those with medium skin tones as it's quite golden although it's a great product to just warm up the complexion without being too overpowering. 

What do you think of this new product and kit, will you be giving it a whirl? 

Here are a few more fantastic Benefit Kits for you to try! 

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Friday, 17 April 2015

Hair Extension Masterclass: Application, Tips & Care

Hi guys so today's video is all about my hair, well not my hair exactly but my hair extensions. I always get asked how I care for my extensions so I thought it was about time I show you and talk to you a little bit about how I apply them, keep them in good condition and stop them from sliding out. I also share with you a fab tip on hiding those tale tale hair extension signs which I'm sure you'll appreciate! 


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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Mum Tips: How to Unwind and De-stress

Take an uninterrupted hour
Use this hour to do something you enjoy you may enjoy sitting down and having a read of your favourite book, catching up on blogs or just having time to do your makeup properly. I love to take some time out to have a bath and a mini pamper. There's nothing better than that super fresh and pampered feeling after a nice hot bubble bath and it's one of my favourite things to do. I light a candle or two, use my favourite bath products and usually catch up on some YouTube videos too, I always feel so much better after this and it's something you can do when little one goes to sleep or when your partner is home to take over for a little while. 

My favourite candle of the moment is the Neom Scent to Instantly De-stress candle, this is a 3 wick candle and it's pure luxury and perfection. The candle itself looks amazing doesn't it? The white frosted glass is so chic and looks incredible in my bathroom not to mention the scent is divine! The Instantly De-stress range is perfect for us mummies that never get a chance to unwind and relax, I always feel so uplifted after using this candle it contains 24 essential oils to instantly calm and ease stress levels, the perfect scent for the end of a busy day. 

Another Neom product I have been using to De-stress and relax is the Bath & Shower oil from the Instantly De-stress range, this luxury shower oil can be used directly on the skin or you can mix a capsule into the bath. I have been putting a capsule of this oil into the bath, it smells incredible and lifts my mood instantly. This unique blend has been coupled with rosewood, a comforting and warming oil with a balancing effect on the mind and body and ultra-relaxing lavender. It's definitely relaxing and I'd highly recommend if your looking for pure luxury to have that quite moment by yourself. 

Wake up before the kids
Waking up before Vinny is one of my favourite things to do, although some mornings it can be a bit of a struggle I really enjoy being able to have my morning cup of tea and breakfast in peace it really sets me up for the day in a positive way. I can also get Vinny and Marks breakfast ready in a nice quiet environment, it makes me feel so much better when everything is done before the boys are up and less of a rush indeed! 

I never really thought of using music as a way to unwind and relax but it definitely does get me in a much happier mood, we have been having a little dance and music session most days in our house lately and I can say that moods all round have been great! Having a little boogie releases all of those negative feelings and really makes you forget about the stressful five minutes you just had! 

Chocolate & Yummy Food
OK so if your really having a bad day then it's time to get the chocolate out, I know if I've had a bad day chocolate definitely makes me feel better for a little while... The feeling doesn't last too long because then I think to myself 'oh I have ruined my diet for the day' but then I think 'oh well you only live once' and carry on eating that chocolate and maybe even a bit of cake too! We don't have bad days every day so enjoy that chocolate and forget about the diet until tomorrow!

How do you unwind and relax after a stressful day? 

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