Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Christmas Flower Arrangement with Debenhams

With Christmas on it's way it's time to think about buying presents, getting organised and of course switching up that home decor. This year I don't feel I've quite gotten into the Christmas Spirit, I know it's still November but usually once Halloween is done I'm ready to get festive so to get me into that Christmas mood I picked out some gorgeous flowers from Debenhams to help get myself into that festive vibe. I adore having flowers in my house and always switch them up for the season, I think these flowers would be a great gift for your mum, granny or aunt this Christmas and would even be a great gift for yourself to give that festive vibe to your home like I have done.

Debenhams come out with their own festive range every Christmas which is fabulous, I got to try a bouquet last year and I went for gorgeous red roses but this year I fancied something lighter with accents of red and gold. The range consists of many gorgeous flower arrangements to suit the season and I have to say I'm in love with the bouquet we chose which is called Designer Gold Leaf, it's a very elegant bouquet with avalanche roses with deep red hypericum berries and gold cinerea eucalyptus.

I think that Debenhams offer a really great service and their Christmas flower range is just beautiful, they would make an amazing Christmas gift for someone or even a gift for yourself to add some Christmas spirit to your home, Debenhams also offer guarantee that their flowers and planted arrangements will stay looking beautiful for at least seven days, or your money back which is really great. We've had ours for a few days now and they are still going strong, a beautiful bouquet that look gorgeous on our dining room table. 

To grab 25% off your own bouquet from Debenhams Flowers just enter this discount code at the checkout: DFBLOG25

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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Our Christmas Traditions

I'll start by saying Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year, I look forward to it literally all year round and once all the Christmas adverts begin I know I can start to get excited and get planning. There's something about Christmas that just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, I have so many memories as a child being around all of my family and just having the most magical day and I really want to create amazing memories for Vinny as he grows up too. Today I have teamed up with Littlewoods to share with you a few Christmas traditions I had whilst growing up as a child and also let you in on a few new traditions I plan to carry on with little Vinny and of course bambino number 2. You really must check out the amazing Christmas range from Littlewoods this year, I have been browsing for hours now and have a list as long as my arm! 

Some of you may know that I am half Italian and as a child the whole family used to go to my Nanny and Nonos for Christmas day, we'd all get ready at home in the mornings and mum would have a new dress picked out for me to wear on the day. I always remember my cousins and I discussing for weeks beforehand about our Christmas day outfit and what we had planned down to the smallest details like hair bows and shoes, I actually miss those days and having a special outfit planned so I'm definitely going to make more of an effort this year and have a Christmas Day outfit picked for all of us.

Another memory I have as a child is having a huge 5 or 6 course meal on Christmas day, us Italians love our food so we'd have Italian starters, Italian and English mains along with Italian then English deserts... that's not including all the extra snacks and chocolates we'd get throughout the day. All of the cousins would sit around a little table in the kitchen because there were too many adults at the main table so we wouldn't all fit in the one room but we had a blast all sat together chatting about our gifts and calling out all the jokes from our Christmas crackers. I honestly don't know how we all managed to fit through the door at the end of the night but wow we did look forward to a Christmas day meal and complete guilt free indulgence, these days it's a three course meal and a fair few chocolates but I must admit the older I get the guiltier I get about all that food we eat but hey Christmas is for enjoying and I'm looking forward to having a huge feast again this year even if it's not 6 courses!

A new tradition I plan to start with little Vinny is a Christmas Eve box, my mum always used to let me open one small gift on Christmas Eve and I always used to get so excited for this so I plan to create Vinny a box of fun Christmassy things like new Christmas pyjamas, a story, some little sweet treats and a new toy so he can enjoy that on Christmas Eve before all of his present opening the next day. I really want Christmas time to be a time he enjoys and looks forward to as much as I did as a child and still now, I also think we shall continue with the tradition of leaving Santa out some biscuits and milk, oh and of course a carrot or two for the reindeer's! I remember my dad leaving a bear our for Santa when I was younger, tut tut and he told me Santa would come out of the radiator because we didn't have a fire place! Luckily we have a fire place so I won't have to confuse Vinny... even though I believed my dad for many, many years! 

Check out the amazing Christmas advert by Littlewoods featuring the gorgeous Mylene Klass, it's a really magical advert and I'm now ready to get shopping! #MakeTheirChristmas

What traditions do you have as a family and are there any new ones you plan to begin this year? 

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Personal Style // Cosy Knits

This winter I want to try and wear a few lighter colours, each and every winter I find myself wearing 50 shades of black but this year I'm dabbling into the greys, whites and maybe adding splash of colour here and there. I've always been quite wary of the knitted jumper, mainly because they usually make me look the size of an elephant and also because I have major OCD when it comes to fluff and many knitted jumpers just create a lot of fluff!

To come out of my all black comfort zone I opted for a cosy grey knitted jumper dress, I was looking for one all winter last year and never got round to buying one so I'm super glad I finally have a jumper dress that's so cosy and can accommodate the growing bump we have going on...

Say hello to my 19 week and 3 days bump, yes I thought I'd tell you about those 3 extra days because my golly this bump is growing by the hour. This cosy jumper definitely keeps it warm and I'm so obsessed with the roll neck as it's not too tight so it doesn't make me feel restricted at all and it's just very comfortable to wear which is perfect in my eyes. 

Of course this outfit wouldn't be complete without a hint of black would it so I teamed the grey jumper dress up with this fabulous black sleeveless belted duster and I think it works really well, the waistcoat is super lightweight and just flows really well and the final piece I added was a cute fedora type hat. I've never owned a hat like this before but I wanted to try and embrace something different and I really love how it looks I think it really brings the outfit together don't you? 

Finally bare legs are a no no right now with the blustering winds and baltic weather so some black maternity tights were a must and some cute ankle boots finish the look off perfectly. Have you found your perfect winter knitwear yet? I'm pretty in love with the knitted jumper dress! 

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Friday, 20 November 2015

Sponsored Video: Vichy Dermablend Foundation Review

vichy dreamland foundation 25

Over the past few weeks I have been trying a new foundation and it's probably one you've heard of before as many bloggers seem to love it and that is Vichy Dermablend Foundation. I've always been a fan of full coverage foundation although during the past year or so I haven't really felt the need for a real heavy coverage due to the way some foundations feel on my skin and how they wear throughout the day, that being said I thought I'd give Dermablend a go because I always opt for full cover on nights out and special occasions and wondered if this could challenge some of my favourite foundations. 

vichy 25 swatch

Vichy Dermablend has recently had a little makeover and now has a brand new look and also new Dermablend shades which will be fab for those of you that couldn't quite get a colour match before, I have been using the shade 25 Nude and it's the perfect match for me. This foundation has been designed to give natural yet flawless results and the high concentration of pigments means that it provides better coverage than normal foundations out there so perfect for those that have scars, spots, redness and any other imperfections to hide. 

vichy corrective stick concealer

I have really been enjoying this foundation, it's actually a lot thinner than I expected it to be, with it being such high coverage I was kind of expecting something tough to work with and difficult to blend but I find it applies great with a buffing brush, beauty blender or if I'm in a rush just my fingers! The cover is pretty full from the get go but I have had a few blemishes pop up lately so I just add the Dermablend Corrective Stick to the areas I need extra cover and this is also in the shade 25 so matches perfectly to the foundation. The corrector is a little thicker than the concealers I'm used to but once warmed up it works really well at covering those extra blemishes and spots, it's a great concealer and I'd love to try it in a lighter shade to use as a highlighter because it's super long-lasting.

vichy setting powder

The last product I've been using to set my makeup is the Setting Powder which definitely holds my makeup in place for a lot longer and sets it seamlessly, it's a translucent powder so by adding a dusting of this it just sets everything in place and ensures I'm not going to get shiny throughout the day. I find I do need to set this foundation because I have combination skin so it can go a little oily in areas but once set I'm good to go, I have to say I have been really impressed with Vichy Dermablend  foundation it's left my skin looking flawless, still has a nice glow to it and I'm looking forward to using it over the holiday season as I have a few parties and festivities to attend!

Have you tried any products from the Dermablend range?

This post has been kindly sponsored by Vichy, all opinions are my own.
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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Baby Number 2 // Things I plan to do differently this time round

When I was pregnant with Vinny I really had no idea what to expect, I was rarely around younger children when I was younger and I really felt I didn't quite have that mothers instinct, I did worry that I would have no idea what to do but I trusted that mothers instinct would kick in when baby arrived and it did. Despite that I still had moments when I was a little unsure and this time round there are a few things I'd do differently, or try to anyway. I have recently been thinking about things I would do differently when baby number two arrives and whilst I'm preparing for his arrival so in todays post I'm going to talk you through those things and how I plan to achieve them.

When I had Vinny I was induced due to high blood pressure so I had to go through the painful process of being induced when my body wasn't completely ready to have him, this felt like such a long process and it wasn't the nicest to be honest. I had to have three unsuccessful pessaries put in, including one I agreed to by a training midwife and once the final one began to work I had to have my waters broken by the consultant it was all such a long process and come the end of it I had to have a C-Section anyway due to Vinnys position and not progressing quick enough. Although the actual C-Section experience wasn't a bad one the after pain and recovery was horrible, I remember the day after he was born I could barely stand and I just wasn't prepared for the wound or pain I would be in. I recovered pretty quick but those first few days were just awful, especially with a newborn baby so this time round I would like to try and have a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) as long as my blood pressure stays low and I have no complications I would love to try and go for a natural birth, not to go through the pain exactly but to just have a better and quicker recovery time. If you have been through a VBAC I'd love to know your story good or bad and how you prepared yourself for it. 

I will admit after having Vinny I didn't really try very hard to breastfeed him, mainly due to the fact I was in so much pain after my section I just really couldn't deal with a hungry baby that wouldn't latch on so I chose to bottle feed and he was absolutely fine, Vinny enjoyed his bottles and has grown up into a healthy toddler. I did try once to breastfeed and he didn't latch on but I realise next time round I have to preserver and give it a good try, I may only breast feed for the first few weeks if all goes well and then I plan to express my milk for as long as possible. 

I currently have a very fussy and particular toddler on my hands and I blame that on being a little too cautious with him when we were weaning and not giving him enough variety and foods to try, this time round I plan to give baby a number of different foods and textures from the get go. Vinny is currently very fussy with colourful foods he doesn't recognise, he rarely tries anything new and sticks to what he knows so I'd like to just offer lots of different  foods to the next little one as much as I can and really let him get stuck in and messy if that's what he wants. I'm going to let him explore foods in a way I never did with Vinny and I hope that eliminates fussy baby number 2! 

So those are the three main things I'd like to achieve from this pregnancy and birth, what do you think of these goals and have you been through any of these yourself? 

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