Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Christmas with Trollbeads

You may remember my Trollbeads post in the Summer featuring a beautiful leather bracelet and some pretty beads, well today I have more of a festive Trollbeads post for you all. I really love how you can make a bracelet personal with Trollbeads, you can choose a bracelet, the beads to go on it and even the clasp which makes it super unique and special. I think these would make such a great gift for Christmas, I have had many Trollbeads given to me in the past as a Christmas gift, Birthday Gift and even for one on my wedding anniversary. I love how each of my beads have a special meaning and I still know what each bead means to me now. 

I love that Trollbeads have brought out Christmas beads this year, If your not one to wear a Christmas jumper and want something classy yet understated I'd highly recommend checking the website out for more. I have three gorgeous beads on my bracelet; Sparkling Star , Holly Bushes, and White Prism (similar here)  I really love each and every bead they are understated, look wonderful I have been wearing this bracelet everyday since I got it I've had so many compliments and people particularity love the Sparkling Star bead and I do to, you could easily wear it all year round.

Finally the clasp, I have the gorgeous Swan lock , the swan actually symbolises maturity and sophistication. It's so lovely to read about each bead and lock and to actually see a meaning to it, makes it much more fun when choosing a gift for someone to read what each bead symbolises and also helps to choose a bead too there are so many beads to choose from it can be a little overwhelming but finding out what they mean makes it much easier to choose. 

I am absolutely in love wit my new Trollbeads Christmas bracelet, what do you think? What would be on your dream bracelet? 

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Mark Warner Holidays // I want to be a #markwarnermum

When I was younger I always dreamt of growing up, meeting the man of my dreams, buying a home and creating a beautiful family. I also dreamt of family holidays and creating great memories, family Christmases, family birthdays and family holidays, we have had birthdays and even Christmases but we are yet to have that dream family holiday. The past two years have been focused on creating our home the best place it can be for us as a family and as that has been our focus which meant that holidays took a bit of a back seat to my despair. 2015 we hope will be different, our home is nearly complete and Vinny is at an age which brings us such joy he is inquisitive, enjoys being a typical little boy and of course loves the outdoors. Next year we hope to become one of five brand ambassadors for Mark Warner Holidays and this is our entry to hopefully make our dreams of a first family holiday come true. 

Vinny no longer wants to wear sunglasses just to look trendy, he wants to wear them because the glorious sunshine is beaming in his eyes and because he wants to of course look cool. 

Vinny no longer wants to sit in our back garden in a tini tiny paddling pool, he wants to be splashing around in a kids pool on holiday making new friends and pitter pattering his feet in the sea! 

We are excited as a family to hopefully work with Mark Warner Holidays to create some amazing memories we wont forget, as you know here on Glambeautys I like to feature many of Vinnys 'Firsts' so it would be an absolutely amazing opportunity to document his first family holiday on here, I want to take lots of pictures and even video our journey!

So can we pack yet? Vinny has got his suitcase to the ready, we just need your help to get us there oh and a rubber dingy!

We are so excited! Can you imagine how excited we'd be to win and if you let me become a #markwarnermum? There would definitely be a cocktail or two on the cards that's for sure! It would be so amazing to finally go on our first family holiday and would be great to get away from work, home and life.. just for a little bit, we just want some time to relax, enjoy and have fun. As a family we enjoy going for walks along our local beach although it wouldn't be the same as walking along a beach abroad on a hot summers day, It would be great to have quality time as a family of three and would be so great to create and capture some magical moments and memories for Vinny too, he is always on the go and enjoys joining in lots of activities and playing with new friends.   

Where would be your dream holiday? We are all about the sunshine so somewhere like Greece, Portugal or Sardinia would be a dream come true. 

Mark Warner introduced a wonderful Blogger Family programme last year for the first time and this year they are doing it again. They are looking for five bloggers to take part and enjoy a family holiday in 2015. This is my entry into the Mark Warner Ambassador Programme for 2015 to become a #markwarnermum, it would be a dream come true to be able to tell my family we are off on our first holiday. See here how to enter. 
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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

How to | Accessorise your dream sofa

You’ve finally got your dream apartment, your dream living room and your dream furniture. Everything is beginning to fit into place but it’s missing that one thing: accessories. Whilst finally getting your dream sofa is one thing, finding the right way to compliment it with throws, cushions and varying accessories around the room can be difficult. If you’re stuck for a few ideas, here are some on us!

The number one thing to remember when it comes to sofa accessories is colour coordination: whilst there is certainly no need to go full on matching, combining a dark blue sofa with some lighter blue, maybe green accents can really enhance the depth of your interior design. When you’re thinking about sofa accessories, remember that creating colour coherence can not only bring a room together but it can also draw attention to your sofa, especially a brand new one.

If you have a G plan leather sofa, it can be easy to get in a rut of leather; thankfully, leather is one of the most versatile fabrics on the market. To avoid the monotonous tone of furniture, try incorporating a little texture into your accessories; a fluffy or furry cushion or perhaps an embroidered throw, will prevent your living space from becoming one smooth, similar surface without colour or texture, as well as bringing diversity to the space.

Interior design can be tricky at the best of times, especially when it comes to living rooms. It is often hard to come up with a theme or a colour to run throughout the entire room, but when it comes to furniture, it is imperative that you consider the theme at hand. For example, seaside cottages may wish to employ a nautical theme into the home and as a result will pick a pale blue, off white, or maybe crème sofa to enhance their living theme. Similarly, a monochrome house will look at entirely black or white furniture so as to fit with the desired aesthetic.

When picking out your next sofa be sure to keep in mind the overall theme of the interior and match the décor already in place.

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Monday, 24 November 2014

Christmas Gift Guide | For the Men

I thought it was about time we talk mens gift ideas, I find it quite hard buying for men especially Mark as whenever I ask he always says 'I don't need anything' does anyone else's partner always say that? It definitely makes things a lot harder when it comes to buying gifts so I thought I'd put together a little gift guide today with some great bits for that special man in your life. 

My first gift idea is this Vivabox, I featured on of these in my ladies gift guide the other day and mentioned they had these for men too. It's an amazing little gift that's perfect for someone who is super hard to buy for or a little fussy, it's a perfume box filled with 7 fragrance samples and a gift voucher. All he needs to do is use all 7 fragrances then choose his favourite to go and get a full sized bottle with his  gift voucher from The Perfume Shop, I think this is such a genius idea and it contains such great fragrances too my favourite has to be Paco Robanne One Million, swoon! 

Next up we have a lovely little gift set by Bulldog, I am so giving this to my dad because he loves anything with Bulldogs on it. We used to have two Bulldogs, Molly and Arnie so he will absolutely love this even though it's not actually a full sized bulldog. This set includes everything he needs to have a little pamper of his own; shower gel, face wash and moisturiser. A really lovely little gift set for husband, dad, brother or even grampy. 

If your buying for someone who loves a new fragrance or two and you want to buy something a little different I'd recommend checking out this great set by Bluebirds Revenge, it's not a fragrance I had heard of before but after smelling it I know it will be something Mark would like. It's a very masculine scent with notes including; Bergamot, Basil, Jasmine, Black Tea, Watermint, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Oakmoss and Musk. The set includes a 100ml eau de toilette fragrance and a generous 150ml matching shower gel, a great little set that's great if your on a budget but want something that smells and looks good. 

This little Ted Baker set is the perfect stocking filler, it includes an Omnium Orange Hair & Body Wash, Racing Green Hair & Body Wash, Omnium Orange Bodyspray & Racing Green Bodyspray all 50ml bottles and are the perfect travel essentials ideal if your buying for someone who travels or works away a lot. I was actually really surprised with the price of this set, it's so well presented and comes with it's very own wash bag. I love the bright colours, super uplifting and it's currently on offer in Boots for just £8.00! 

Finally something that's classic, timeless and a real treat is of course a designer watch. My husband is obsessed with watches and I buy him one every year, he has quite the collection now including pieces from Micheal Kors, G shock and D & G but he has never had an Armani watch so I can't wait to see his face on Christmas morning when he sees this as he has no idea he will be getting it. I really love this Armani watch because it's classic design it smart and looks so chic, definitely one to wear when we are off out somewhere special. If your looking for a great watch at a fab price then I'd definitely recommend checking out Shade Station, they have a huge variety of watches, sunglasses and jewellery at amazing prices. 

Do you find it hard buying for men and what's been your favourite buy so far? 

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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Makeup tips for Glasses Wearers + Giveaway

I must admit I don't wear glasses often as the prescription I have isn't too strong so I don't feel the need to use them as much but today i thought it would be nice to share some makeup tips for those who do wear glasses. Don't get me wrong you don't have to wear makeup when you wear glasses at all but if you want to wear it here are a few things I always keep in mind and do to make sure I'm looking my best with my spectacles. 

In the pictures above I'm wearing London Retro Retrospectiv glasses called Retro Ohara, I really love the shape of these frames they are not too big and not too small either. I've always had problems in the past with my frames being to small for my eyes and always end up getting headaches because I'm constantly looking over the frames to see properly, these glasses fit perfectly and I can finally see! I'd love to see these frames in a tortoiseshell colour or brown, they currently come in Black Crystal which is what I have and also Red Crystal super vibrant and perfect for any fashionista! If your worried about buying glasses online because you can't try them on then you should definitely check out Glasses Direct because they actually offer a Free 7 day home trial where you can choose four frames order them online and have them delivered within 2 working days to give them a try, once your happy with the frames you want you simply place your order online and pop your trial box back in the post back to Glasses Direct (free post) a really great idea I think! Enough of me rambling, lets get on with the makeup tips! 

This may seem like an odd thing to focus on as I know for some people your glasses probably hide your brows but I do find that wearing glasses can draw more attention to the brow area so make sure your brows are well groomed and filled to perfection. I find that even when my brows do need a wax I can still get away with just filling them and giving them a little spruce, it definitely helps define the eyes too.

Keep It Simple
You don't have to go crazy with the eye makeup when your wearing glasses as you wont really see it so no need to make all the extra effort, this makes doing our makeup a lot quicker. Add a quick slick of liquid liner to the top lash line, a coat of mascara and your ready to go! For the base I like to make sure it's looking flawless so I go for a medium to full coverage foundation as I really like a flawless finish but if you prefer a more natural look use a tinted moisturiser or BB Cream just make sure you've got a good concealer to hand and pop some under the eyes, we don't want our eye bags showing now do we!

Make a Statement 
If there any time I feel more comfortable wearying a bold lip it's when I'm wearing glasses, It's probably because I keep it pretty simple with the eyes so by adding a pop of colour to the lips adds a little more sass and frames the face much better too, it definitely makes everything look a bit more uniform and having a bold lip is much more fun! My favourite is of course a red lip!

If you'd like to Win yourself a pair of London Retro Retrospectiv glasses of your choice then enter the competition below! 

I hope you found this helpful, I'd love to know what tips you have for glasses wearers if you wear glasses I'm sure there's lots more out there! 

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