Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Baby Beauty Tips

Becoming a mummy has introduced me to a whole new world of products of which I use for my little prince Vin, but whilst using these products I realised there are a lot of things we could use beauty wise and if your a mummy like me with these products hanging around your house and not enough time to buy bits for yourself then try you can try these for a little pamper session instead. Welcome to Baby Beauty Tips!

Baby Powder
Having a greasy hair day? Pop some talc onto your hands and pat through your parting to give your self an extra day before you wash your hair! I am a super lazy hair washer so this always comes in handy, who needs dry shampoo when you've got baby powder at home! You can even go as far as popping some in to a smaller container so you can freshen up that hair on the go. 

Baby Shampoo
So of course you could wash your hair with this if you run out of shampoo but I like to use this to clean my make-up brushes, it gives them a good deep clean and leaves them smelling super gorgeous too. 

Baby Wipes
Now baby wipes are always handy especially if you've run out of make-up remover or make-up wipes. I know we shouldn't use them to remove our make-up but it does make things a lot easier if you do need them in an emergency, even if it's to clean up any fall our from an eye look your creating or to clean your hands post make-up application. 

Nipple Cream
If you are breast feeding or was planning to then you've probably got some of this stuff hanging around, I use Medela Purelan Nipple cream to give my lips a new lease of life. It is a lifesaver for dry lips and I have even used it on my hands during the cold winter months on any dry areas I had and it worked wonders! 

We all have pesky spots come up whether it's that time of the month or your skins just being awkward and a nice Sudocrem mask is just what the doctor ordered. Pop some either on your blemishes or over your whole face and leave over night. This decreases the redness and if your lucky clears up your spots too, trust me you should try this one it's one of Cheryl Coles beauty secrets!

Baby Oil
Hot Summers day, we've all slapped on the baby oil haven't we?! Now that's not the best thing for tanning, well not the kindest to your skin but a few other uses would be to pop some on after a bath for silky smooth legs. You could also use this as a make-up remover, probably not best advised if you have super oily skin but I bet it would get rid of that pesky mascara. You can even use this to help get rid of any left over self tanner that's being a little stubborn, a long hot bath with some baby oil will definitely help although be careful as you get out, we don't want no slip ups! 

Johnsons Bedtime Bath
So you've all started to run a bath and then realised you have no bubble bath right? I always head straight to Vinnys cupboard and for the Johnsons Bedtime Bubble Bath, it's so relaxing and the smell of Lavendar is so soothing. I am definitely ready for a full nights sleep after this and so is little Vin.

I really could go on as the list is endless but there's just a few that really stood out for me for my Baby Beauty Tips post, I hope you've found this post helpful and if your a mummy do you use any of these for what I've mentioned or something else maybe? I'd love to know!

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  1. Loved this post!
    I already use sudacream, talc powder and baby shampoo the same ways as you've said above! Might have to try the others :)


  2. I loved this!

    I always use baby oil to make my legs feel silky smooth!

  3. Even though I have no child, I have all of those products ha x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  4. Amazing tips Liza! I also clean my brushes with Ava's shampoo and use sudocream for spots x

  5. Love this post! I don't know what I'd do without Sudocrem and baby wipes. It's amazing the amount of products made for babies, work for everyday use in our routines too x

    Oh So Bridie | Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

    1. I know, we take them for granted don't we hehe x

  6. great post, i always use sudocreme, its a lifesaver for me!

    Lauren| thatgirlcalledlauren.blogspot.co.uk

  7. Ooooh, I didn't know you were a mummy! I've read your blog and watched your channel for a while now and I bet you're a wonderful mum :-)

    Sharlotte // Sharlotte

  8. I am a mummy yes, vinny turns 1 next month! I have a separate blog for mummy related things www.glambambini.com

  9. Awesome tips! I've always heard about baby oil - should really start using it. I'm so lazy, I always use baby wipes to take off my makeup! :/ I take fairly good care of my skin otherwise though!

    Katie <3

  10. Such a lovely post, and great photography! I always use baby oil in summer to try to enhance my tan!!!

    Josie xoxo Fashion Mumblr

  11. I just love your blog! Following you now, hope you visit and follow my blog as well!♥


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